NE Swimming Partners
A special THANK YOU from New England Swimming to...

            New England Swimming is losing two major contributors in Rosemarie Meissner, NTV Chair, and Rick Osterberg as webmaster. The countless hours and attention to detail that both exhibited in their positions was unprecedented and went above and beyond their expected duties. For the last eight years Rosemarie has spent hours and hours scouring over meet results to insure that our swimmer’s times were accurate, current, and entered into the SWIMS database correctly. She took special care of managing the New England Records by tracking meet results all over the country so that each and every swimmer could be recognized for their achievements.

         Rick took over as the NES webmaster in 2002 and from that point forward he became intricately involved in all aspects of New England Swimming. He attended every board meeting and he was always depended on to know the facts, and to contribute with the upmost authority on swimming topics. Rick has been involved as an Operations Director for almost every USA Swimming Championship that has competed at Harvard University since 1996. His knowledge and love of the sport guarantees the most professional atmosphere and results during these significant meets. Rick is a member of the Cambridge Masters Swim Club and will continue to be a voice in New England Swimming.

Both Rosemarie and Rick also volunteered countless hours compiling the NE top ten times for the banquet. Their efforts ensured the accuracy of this huge project. They will be sorely missed, and we, the New England Swimming community, thank you deeply.