Meet Notices below for NBAC Fall Fastival and National Age Group Challenge......

Meet Notices below for NBAC Fall Fastival and National Age Group Challenge Hosted by RMSC.  List of swimmers invited to RMSC meet is also below.  

PRACTICE SCHEDULE for Tuesday is MODIFIED for Sr Red and Black and AGII

Senior Red and Black swim 6:30-9am in the bubble

Senior White swims 5:45p to 8pm in the bubble

Age Group II has NO PRACTICE

Senior Prep/Masters swims 8p-9p in the bubble

Age Group I has no practice

Novice I practices 4:30 to 5:30p in the indoor pool

Novice II practices 5:30 to 6:30p in the indoor pool

Novice III practices 6:30 to 7:30p in the indoor pool 


Practice Changes for Week of October 11, 2009 

Age Group I

Friday October 16        4:30 to 6:15p in the bubble

Saturday October 17    7:30a to 9a in the bubble

Age Group II

Wednesday      6:00-8:00pm

Thursday          4:00-6:00pm

Friday              4:00-6:00pm

Saturday          9:00-10:30am

Red and Black

Wednesday    4:00-6:30pm

Thursday          1:45-4:00pm

Friday  8:30-11:00am   *dryland from 8:30-9:00am

Practice for the Red and Black squad is cancelled on October 17 and 24 due to swim meets.

Meet Notices

NBAC Fall Fastival - November 6-8 at UMBC.  Open to all USA registered swimmers 13 and older swimmers who have qualifying times equal to or faster than “A” standard and 12 and under swimmers with times equal to or faster than the “BB” standard. The entries are due to Andy Lehner by 6pm, Thursday, October 15 2009. To enter one must email Andy Lehner at Each swimmer entering must deposit their entry fees in the entry chair's folder at Hood College. The entry fees for this meet are: $45 for two days, $25 for one day.  Please adhere to the entry deadline!   Meet notice can be found at 

National Age Group Team Challenge hosted by RMSC November  7-8 at Germantown Aquatic Complex.  Participation by invitation.  The list of swimmers invited to the swim meet can be found below.  The meet notice can be found at  If you agree to participate in  the swim meet it is expected that you participate in the relay (Saturday night only).   The deadline for entries is this Saturday, October 17, 12:00 noon.  Please email or 



The 2010 Fitter and Faster Tour is coming to Easton, MD January 9, 2010.  Megan Jendrick, Nick Thoman and Peter Vanderkaay will be at this event.  Check out for more info.


Swimmers Invited to RMSC National Age Group Challenge (sorry about all the issues yesterday – in alphabetical order)

Hank Beiter

Emily Bertram

Melanie Boughn

Cara Brainerd

Jacob Britain

Ryan Burrow

Christine Burrows

Jake Carlsen

Jordan Chamblee

Kennedy Chamblee

Liam Coates

Holly Coffey

Jacklyn  Courtney

Kimberly Cummings

Jennifer Dinterman

Andrew Femiano

Ben Freed

Sydney Gilmer

Jackie  Greeves

Luke Hays

Andrew Howard

Jacy Icard

Lauren James

Daniel KaChenChai

Kyle Knapp

Evan Kolovich

Karisa Kostecki

Julia Kosteski

Timmy Krawjewskij

Ben Landon

Zach Lindell

Eliza Manning

Margot Manning

Angie Maruca

Brittany Maruca

Anna Minnick

Danielle Murrah

Kevin Nam

Lindsay Nieomeler

Sean O’Connell

Deni Remsburg

Mitchell Reynolds

Pippa Rogers

Morgan Ryczko

Natalie Sanino

Garrett Santis

Jake Santis

Bryson Schlenz

Allie Smith

Mandy Smith

Rachael Spicer

Emily Washbaugh

Jessie Williams

Jodie Williams

Sydney Williams

Richard Zhang

Catherine Zolbrand