Parking info for the ASC / RAC LC Meet this weekend

Parking info for the ASC / RAC LC Meet this weekend.  There will be a little parking issue for Friday AM of the meet.  There will be NO parking in the upper deck this Thursday and Friday.  It should be open for finals on Friday night. You may park in the commons garage and pay the meters if you would like to be close.  More details  below under announcements.


The practice schedule for today is MODIFIED for taper groups

Senior Red and Black swim 6:30a to 8:30a in the outdoor pool and no evening practice

Senior Red and Black taper groups swim 6:45a to 7:45a

Senior White swims 6:30a to 7:30a at Whittier

Age Group II swims from 7a to 9a at Whittier

Age Group II swimmers who are tapering for the swim meet this weekend will get out at 8:30am

Senior Prep/Masters swims 8p to 9p

Age Group I has No Practice

Novice I swims 5:30p-7p in the indoor pool

Novice II swims 5:30p-7p in the indoor pool

Novice III swims 5:30p-7p in the indoor pool


On Friday July 10 the Age Group I and II swimmers will swim at Hood College from 6:15-7:45am!!

No practice for the Senior Red and Black groups on Friday or Saturday July 10 and 11.

All the Senior Red and Black swimmers will be off on Monday July 13 to recover from the swim meet. Enjoy your day off! 


ASC/RAC LC Meet Info From RAC Coach Chad Cradock:
 In our continuing efforts to maintain and improve the campus, Facilities Management has contracted with the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) to repair Administration Drive between the lower level entrance to Lot 10 and the west end of the road.  The original plan provided for this work to be completed in August 2009.  SHA just advised us on July 1 that the schedule for this work had been changed to Thursday, July 9, and Friday, July 10 (weather permitting). Repair work will correct existing pavement deficiencies and will include milling, overlaying asphalt and striping on the new pavement.

During this work, the road will be open only to provide access to the lower level of Lot 10.  The remainder of the road will be closed, including the upper level parking of Lot 10.  Visitor parking will only be available on Hilltop Circle during these two days.

We have arranged with Parking Services that the gates at the lower level will remain open during the morning drop off and afternoon pick up periods associated with the day camps to accommodate these activities.  Every effort will be made to complete this work as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.