Many thanks to Liz Brabson for her commitment to sending out the MAC News ...

Many thanks to Liz Brabson for her commitment to sending out the MAC News for so many years! Liz has passed to torch on to me and I appreciate your support during this transition period.

Practice Schedule
The practice schedule for today is NORMAL
Senior Red and Black        4:00p-6:15p     Bubble
Senior White                        5:45p-8:00p    Bubble
Age Group II                         6:00p-8:00p    Bubble
Senior Prep & Masters      8:00p-9:00p    Bubble
Age Group I                          No Practice
Novice I                                 4:30p-5:30p    Indoor Pool
Novice II                                5:30p-6:30p    Indoor Pool
Novice III                               6:30p-7:30p    Indoor Pool
Bubble Lowering Saturday May 9th. We will need everyone's help for the bubble lowering, but, especially our big, strong dads and older swimmers. If you have never helped with the bubble before or if you forget what is involved here are some tips: The older swimmers should be ready to get in the water. The job can be dirty and wet, so wear old clothes and shoes. Lightweight work or garden gloves can be helpful. We also need crescent wrenches and socket wrenches in the following sizes: 15/16, 9/16, 5/8 and 1/2. Please label your tools to be sure you go home with them. The job usually lasts several hours, but we welcome everyone’s help for as long as they can stay. There are many tasks to be completed later in the day as well so if you can't arrive early, please come when you are able.    In addition, there are many tasks associated with the bubble lowering that need to be completed PRIOR to Saturday. Anyone with time during the day or during your child's practice time the week before the lowering who would like to help should contact Don Feinberg or Chris Kaplan at 301-696-3484.

Meet Notices
No new notices at this time.