The practice schedule for Friday is NORMAL
Senior Red and Black swim 4:00p to 6:30p
Senior White 5:45-8p in the bubble.

Age Group II swims 6 to 8pm in the bubble

Senior Prep/Masters has No  practice

Age Group I practices 4:30p to 6:15p in the indoor pool

Novice I has No Practice

Novice II has No Practice

Novice III has No Practice
There will be no practice for the Novice group on Saturday, November 14, 2009. Coaches and swimmers will be at the Mini Meet.

Nutrition Notes

Highlights from the Towson University athletic presentation on Nutrition from Coach Jeb Beaver:

  •  You should drink 12 oz. of water an hour before practice.  If it’s early morning practice, you need chug ½ a water bottle.  If you don’t have enough fluids in the body, you will start to burn muscle when you exercise!!
  • Your “meals” are all about TIMING!  Eat something small before you practice and within 15 minutes of practice ending.
  • The meal right before a competition isn’t the most important meal.  What matters the most is what you eat 2-3 days before a competition.  Any quite frankly, you compete every day in practice so you can’t afford to have a day off from eating well.  Food is fuel!! 
  • 1/3 of your plate should be carbs, 1/3 should be fruit or veggies, and 1/3 should be protein.  You body need carbs AND protein to build muscle.  

Finally, I wanted to address the soda discussion.  The nutritionist said diet soda counts as a form of fluid, but she did not address the negative effects of carbonation.  The CO2 helps build lactic acid and we all know it’s much harder to swim fast when there is a build-up of lactic acid.  So, consider other BETTER options when you reach for that soda!!!