GBSA Last Chance Meet Information

For those of you attending the GBSA Last Chance Meet this weekend, here is some information from the host club:

     The main seating area will be gym 1 - which is the portion of the gym at the starting block end of the pool!  There is to be NO BALL THROWING OR ANY OTHER KIND OF "ACTIVE PLAY" in the gym area.  There will be other activities in the other two gyms throughout the day so the kids MUST stay in the swim meet allotted area only!!

    Seating will be available in the hallways - BUT only on the one side AND chairs/people MUST not block any of the walking space!!!  We must maintain enough walking room for people to have a clear two-way path - they must be able to travel the hallways easily!!!
    Seating in the pool area is always dicey at these meets at CCBC!!  PLEASE remember that the seating in the pool area is meant to be there for parents/families to watch their swimmer and then return to the main seating areas!!  This way we keep everyone moving and there are no issues with people not being able to get into the pool to see their swimmer!!
   The block numbers are reversed from what is printed on the blocks themselves!!  Follow the numbers posted on the wall behind the blocks!!!  ALL STARTS WILL BE DIVE OVERS!!

     All afternoon warn-ups are OPEN - there are no assigned lanes.  Please be ready to get in the pool at 12:15 (or when the morning session completes).