Looking for New Storage Space

Hi all, 

For many years, the Long Family has so graciously been the keeper of much equipment and other odds and ends belonging to MAC.  As Ally nears the completion of her senior year, the Longs would like to find a new home for these items.  A large number of the items are used one time a year, for the Hogan meet and include a  hot dog cooker, crock pot, coffee pot, microwave, two large bins, any extra cups, lids, etc... If there is someone out there who would be willing to take over storage of these items, we thought now would be a good time to start as the items could be picked up directly from Frederick High after the meet on Sunday.  If you would be interested, please contact Jim Long at 

The Longs also have other MAC items in storage at their home.  These include old trophies, paperwork, and water bottles, among other things.  These need a home as well.  Please contact Jim if you have a space in your home. 

Thank you in advance and enjoy your weekend!