Attention all Hogan Meet Volunteers

MAC Volunteer Parents:


Because of recent snow days, High School meets have been rescheduled for this weekend.  This includes the TJ at Brunswick meet which will now be held at 6PM at Frederick High School , and the Urbana-Middletown meet which will take place Saturday, at 11am at Middletown .


We are very aware this may cause logistical problems for those families having swimmers at these events. MAC is sensitive to this issue and we are requesting that if you need to change your volunteer assignment, it is up-to-you to find a replacement for the time-slot/responsibility to which you made a commitment.


We would prefer if volunteer assignments continue as planned, but understand that in some cases this will not be possible. Please do not assume others will be available to "pitch in" at the last moment. Our volunteer assignments have been closely coordinated and we need the entire MAC community to make the Hogan meet a success. Please notify the volunteer coordinator for the meet, Helene Williams, if you are going to “switch” with someone or let her know who will be taking your place if you cannot make it.


This is our primary fundraiser and is vital that our entire team help us to have the best possible meet from both the athletes attending and our financial perspective.



Thanks in advance for all the help and look forward to working with you this weekend.


Fred Manning, Meet Director and MAC Treasurer

John Borgersen, MAC President.