Due to inclement weather, Hood College has closed for the day...

This is the MAC News for Tuesday, January 27th. 

Due to inclement weather, Hood College has closed for the day.  Therefore, all MAC practices will be cancelled for this evening. 

Senior Prep and Masters swimmers, please be aware that practice TOMORROW will be cancelled due to a coaches' meeting.  Makeup practices will be run on Friday, February 6th and Friday, February 13th from 8:00-9:00 pm in the bubble for anyone interested in attending. 

I have not received an update regarding the Hogan meet volunteers so this is just a quick reminder that EVERY family MUST volunteer for at least 2 sessions REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOUR CHILD IS SWIMMING IN THE MEET or face a $75 assessment on their next bill.  As of yesterday, we were still in need of 2 people to run the Meet Manager computer (at least one with some experience) on Sunday morning, one person to help with the Colorado computer Sunday afternoon (no experience needed), and one Safety Marshall for Sunday afternoon.  If you have waited until the last minute, please contact Helene Williams TODAY at either dandhwilliams@aol.comor at 301-607-6475 to offer your help. 

If you volunteered your large cooler for the meet, you may either drop it off in the Frederick High cafeteria between 5:30-8:00 pm on Friday or contact Terri Carder at to make other arrangements.  As of yesterday, we were still in need of the following beveridge items - 3 cases of Coke, 6 cases of Diet Coke, and 2 cases of Sprite.  Please note that a case is equal to two 12 packs.  In addition, if you are interested in making a cash donation to go toward the purchase of items for the concession stand, place your check made payable to MAC with CONCESSIONS written in the memo line in the MANNING folder.  Finally, if you have already signed up to donate items, there are several options for getting the items to the concession committee - you may drop them off to Terri Carder or Jenny Beiter Wednesday during Age Group I practice (4:30-6:15 in the indoor pool); you may drop them off to Jenny Beiter or Sheila Metz on Thursday during Novice II practice (5:30-6:30 in the indoor pool); or you may drop them off at Frederick High between 5:30-8:00 on Friday evening.  If none of these options work for you, please contact Terri Carder at the e-mail address above. 

Don't forget, MAC will be hosting a Stroke and Turn officials clinic between sessions on Saturday of the Hogan meet.  This clinic is the first step in becoming a USAS certified official.  We have lost many of our long-time officials and need to replenish our ranks.  If you are interested in attending the clinic, please drop an e-mail to Dennis Coyle at to let him know of your intentions. 

Please check with Coach Andy (301-748-0916) regarding morning practice tomorrow.