Don't forget, the new trimester is scheduled to begin on Thursday

This is the MAC News for Monday, December 29th. 

Don't forget, the new trimester is scheduled to begin on Thursday.  If your swimmer will not be continuing with the team for the next trimester, please contact Fred Manning at fredmanning@comcast.netto let him know of your withdrawal.  Billing for the next trimester will be done the first week of January.  If you have an outstanding balance on your account, please clear those charges ASAP.  One additional note, if you are no longer interested in receiving the MAC News, you have the ability to remove yourself from our list by clicking on the link at the bottom of the e-mail. 

Remember, you have until 6:00 pm TOMORROW to let the coaching staff know if you would like your swimmer to compete in the Retriever Classic Invitational on Monday, January 19th.  If your swimmer is not already entered in the meet, please fill out a meet entry form and place it, along with a check made out to MAC, in the meet entry folder.  If you have already registered for the meet, simply send Curt Southern an email at let him know that you want to have your child entered in the meet on Monday.  If you have questions as to whether your child should attend this meet, please ask your child's coach. 

Most groups are practicing in the morning again today.  Senior Red and Black will return to the pool this afternoon for a second practice from 4:00-6:00, Senior White and Age Group II will swim from 9:00-10:45, and Age Group I has just about completed their practice for today as well.  There is no practice today for Novice, Senior Prep, or Masters.  Tomorrow's practice schedule is as follows - Senior Red and Black will swim doubles again tomorrow from 6:45-9:00 am and from 4:00-6:00 pm and Senior White and Age Group II will swim from 9:00-10:45 am all in the bubble.  Novice practice will be normal - Novice I from 4:30-5:30, Novice II from 5:30-6:30, and Novice III from 6:30-7:30 all in the indoor pool.  There will be no practice for Age Group I, Senior Prep, or Masters tomorrow.