Don't forget, the only practice scheduled today will run from 4:30-6:15.......

This is the MAC News for Friday, December 12th. 

Don't forget, the only practice scheduled today will run from 4:30-6:15 in the bubble.  This practice is for Age Group I and II and Senior White swimmers not at the Christmas meet and who do not swim for a high school team.  Those Senior White swimmers who are also on a high school team should attend their high school practice this evening. 

A quick reminder that entries and fees for the BAAC Splash, the EST IMX Challenge, and the RAC Classic are all due to the meet entry folder by 6:00 pm on Monday.   

The meet notice for the Mariner Winter Invitational (, to be held at Loyola College on January 10th and 11th is now posted.  This meet is open to all swimmers with SLOWER than "A" times.  All entries, along with a check to cover the fees are due to the meet entry folder by 6:00 pm Thursday. 

The practice schedule for SATURDAY is as follows - there is no practice for Senior Red and Black, Senior White will swim from 9:00-10:15, Age Group II from 9:00-10:30, and Novice from 10:30-11:30 all in the bubble.  Age Group I will swim in the indoor pool from 7:30-9:00.  Don't forget, Senior Red, Black, White, and Age Group II swimmers who compete in the NBAC meet this weekend will have Monday off.