Hein Wins and Qualifies for USA Swimming Olympic Trials on Day 3 of Nationals

Hein Wins and Qualifies for USA Swimming Olympic Trials on Day 3 of the YMCA National Champs

         Daniel Hein won the 100 meter Backstroke with a time 56.79, which is 0.4 seconds under the USA Olympic Trials Qualifying Standard, on Day 3 of the YMCA National Championships.  Hein is the second DCST swimmer to qualify for the trials which will be held on June 26 – July 3 in Omaha, Nebraska.  Caitlynn Moon has also qualified for this meet.  This was the 3rd time in his career that Daniel has been crowned a National Champion.  Moreover, his time earned him National All-America honors, and he broke his previous DCST Team record by 1.1 seconds.

         Jacob Bjork, Dylan Powers and Michael Carlson teamed up with Hein in the 400 meter Medley Relay and went a very impressive 5.6 seconds under their seed time to place 7th.  All four swimmer were named All-Americans for their efforts.  Earlier in the evening, Bjork earned his first All-American award of the day by finishing in 4th place in the 50 meter Breaststroke.  He has now been named an All-American four times at this meet, and 7 times in his career.  On the day, he lowered his personal best by 1.4 seconds and the team record by 1.2 seconds.

         On the girl’s side, Athena Ye claimed her 4th National All-American award of her career with a 6th place in the 100 meter Backstroke.  This was her highest placing finishing at YMCA Nationals, so far, in her career.  Her time was 0.2 seconds under her previous DCST record.  Jensen Keck had an awesome 1 second time drop in her 50 meter Breaststroke, and she became an All-American for the 1st time in her career.  She finished 15th in this event.  Ye and Keck were joined by Sarah Hein and Mallory Pitstick for an impressive 2.7 second time drop in the 400 meter Medley Relay.  These girls placed 25th.

         Other career best times for DCST on the day were:  Dylan Powers (7.8 seconds in the 200 meter Freestyle), Mallory Pitstick (1.5 seconds in the 50 meter Breaststroke) and Sarah Hein (0.6 seconds in the 100 meter Backstroke).  In time trials, both Alieda Wilkins (1.3 seconds) and Austin Bockman (0.1 seconds) were under their best personal bests in the 100 meter Backstroke.  Mallory Pitstick lowered her 50 meter Freestyle time by an excellent 0.6 seconds.  So far, DCST has 24 career best times out of 30 swims for an outstanding 80% improvement rate.  They team has also set a total of 10 new team records.


DCST Results Day 3 (Aug 5)

Female 100 meter Backstroke

         Athena Ye
                 Prelims – 1:04.27 (3rd)  - New DCST Team Record (13 – 14 year old girls)
                 Finals – 1:04.97 (6th) – National All-American
         Sarah Hein – 1:08.58 (54th)
         Kylie Olson – 1:09.62 (82nd)

Male 100 meter Backstroke

         Daniel Hein
                 Prelims – 57.73 (1st)
                 Finals – 56.79 (1st) – Olympic Trials Qualifying Time, National All-American, New DCST Team Record
         Riley Lohse – 1:05.66 (114th)

Female 50 meter Breaststroke

Jensen Keck
        Prelims – 34.81 (13th)
        Finals – 34.79 (15th) – National All-American, New DCST Team Record
Aleida Wilkins – 36.82 (82nd)
Mallory Pitstick – 37.42 (97th)

Male 50 meter Breaststroke

Jacob Bjork
        Prelims - 30.91 (7th)
        Finals – 30.43 (4th) – National All-American, New DCST Team Record

Male 200 meter Freestyle

Dylan Powers – 2:04.13 (100th)

Female 400 meter Medley Relay

         Athena Ye, Jensen Keck, Sarah Hein, Mallory Pitstick – 4:33.64 (25th)

Male 400 meter Medley Relay

         Daniel Hein, Jacob Bjork, Dylan Powers, Michael Carlson
                 Prelims – 3:57.32 (4th)
                 Finals – 3:57.32 (Tied 7th)
                      All Four swimmers earned National All-American Honors

Time Trials

Female 100 meter Backstroke

Aleida Wilkins – 1:16.78

Male 100 meter Backstroke

         Austin Bockman – 1:04.89

Female 50 meter Freestyle

         Mallory Pitstick – 30.33


Team Standings

DCST Female – Tied 25th Place
DCST Male – 6th Place
DCST Combined (Female & Male) – 9th Place