Ye and Bjork Earn National All-American Honors on Day 4 of YMCA National Champs

Ye and Bjork Earn National All-American Honors on Day 4 of the YMCA National Championships

          Athena Ye and Jacob Bjork have both swum 3 individual events each at the YMCA National Championships, and both have been named National All-Americans and set team records in all of these events.  On Thursday, Athena lowered her personal best time in the 50 meter Butterfly by 2.9 seconds and set the team record by 0.2 seconds.  She placed 11th in this event.  In the 100 meter Breaststroke, Jacob finished in the 15th spot with his personal best time improvement of 1.3 seconds.  His time was 1.2 seconds under the old DCST team record.

         Jensen Keck set DCST’s 3rd new team record of the day when she shattered the previous record in the 100 meter Breaststroke by 1.8 seconds.  She lowered her best time by an outstanding 2.1 seconds and placed 20th.  In the same event, Mallory Pitstick swam extremely well with a personal best by 2.5 seconds.  Dylan Powers was strong in the 50 meter Butterfly when he went 1 second under his seed time to garner an 18th place finish.  Bjork and Powers were joined by Austin Bockman and Daniel Hein for an impressive showing the 800 meter Freestyle relay.  The foursome improved their seed time by 7.4 seconds and placed 22nd.

In time trials, Michael Carlson and Kylie Olson were great in the 100 meter Breaststroke with 1.6 seconds and 0.6 seconds time drops, respectively.  Riley Lohse went 0.2 seconds under his career best time in the 50 meter Freestyle.  For the week, so far, DCST has 33 best times in 42 events for an impressive 79% improvement percentage.  The team has also set 13 new team records, and they have had 6 swimmers earn National All-American honors 18 times.

DCST Results Day 4 (Aug 6)

Female 50 meter Butterfly

         Athena Ye
                 Prelims – 28.70 (9th) – Team Record
                 Finals – 28.75 (11th) – National All-American

Male 50 meter Butterfly

Dylan Powers
         Prelims – 26.68 (21st)
         Finals – 26.21 (18th)

Female 100 meter Breaststroke

Jensen Keck
        Prelims – 1:15.53 (19th)
        Finals – 1:16.01 (20th)
Mallory Pitstick – 1:20.62 (T-108th)
Aleida Wilkins – 1:20.98 (T-119th)

Male 100 meter Breaststroke

Jacob Bjork
                 Prelims – 1:06.93 (15th) – DCST Team Record
                 Finals – 1:07.61 (15th) – National All-American

Male 50 meter Freestyle

Michael Carlson – 26.42 (T-137th)

Male 800 meter Freestyle Relay

         Austin Bockman, Jake Bjork, Dylan Powers, Daniel Hein – 8:10.43 (22nd)


Time Trials

Female 50 meter Freestyle

Aleida Wilkins – 30.97

Male 50 meter Freestyle

         Riley Lohse – 26.77

Female 100 meter Breaststroke

         Kylie Olson – 1:27.30

Male 100 meter Breaststroke

         Michael Carlson – 1:13.37


Team Standings

DCST Females – Tied for 30th place
DCST Males – 10th place
DCST Combined (Females & Males) – 12th place