If you are new to MAC, please be sure to e-mail our....

This is the MAC News for Monday, September 8th. 

If you are new to MAC, please be sure to e-mail our registration chairman, Ed Goundry (, and let him know if you plan to stay with the team or withdraw for the trimester no later than Friday (9/12) evening. 

If you plan to stay, it would be a good idea to subscribe to our daily e-mail news containing information about practice schedule changes, upcoming meets, and other pertinent items.  Simply go to the upper right corner of the homepage of our website (www.macswimnet) and click on the "Subscribe to news for your practice group" box.  You will be asked to enter your e-mail address and check boxes for the newsletters you are interested in subscribing to.  MAC News is the daily news that everyone should subscribe to.  The other newsletters are sent much less frequently and contain information pertaining to only that group.  Once you have completed the page and clicked SUBSCRIBE, you will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription.  Follow the directions listed in the e-mail and you should be good to go.  Please report any problems to Liz Brabson at  

There will be a Welcome Back Pool and Pizza Party for all swimmers and their families Sunday, September 14, from 5:30-8:00 pm at the Hood outdoor pool.  MAC will supply the pizza and ice from Rita's, and we are looking for donations of snacks, drinks and "finger foods".  If your last name begins with A-L, please bring a snack or side dish to share; last names beginning with M-Z should bring drinks to share.  PLEASE RSVP TO DEB REYNOLDS AT BY TOMORROW (please don't assume we know you are coming!), so Hood may schedule the correct number of lifeguards and we may order enough food.  

In an effort to help alleviate some of the street and campus parking issues associated with practice, Hood College is going to make parking passes available to MAC families.  These passes will be usuable ONLY in the Chapel Parking lot (click here for a campus map - and you MUST have a pass to park there.  If you are interested in obtaining a pass, please contact Fred Manning at fredmanning@comcast.netby Wednesday. 

The meet notice for the ASC Freestyle meet (, Oct. 3-5 in Annapolis, has been posted on the bulletin board in the baby pool area.   All entries, along with a check to cover the fees ($5.00/event, up to 4 events per day plus the $3.00 service charge), are due to the meet entry folder by 6:00 pm Wednesday.  All swimmers entering the meet must be registered with Maryland Swimming.  Per Maryland Swimming rules, if your swimmer is not registered, our club will be fined $100 for entering an unregistered athlete.  If you are new to the team, please ask your child's coach to verify with our registration chairman that your swimmer has been registered prior to entering the meet.  If you have any questions as to whether your child should attend this meet, please speak to your child's coach.  

Don't forget, if you are a current official or are interested in becoming a USA Swimming certified official - the Annual Maryland Swimming Officials Clinic will take place on Sunday, September 21st from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm at UMBC.  This is a must for all current officials to maintain their eligibility.  It is also the place to be if you are interested in becoming an official.  Everyone should plan to be in attendance at 8:00 am.  There will be separate break out sessions for each level of official as in years past but there will be changes to the program.  More information will be available soon on the Maryland Swimming website, 

Here is another date to put on your calendar - Saturday, September 20th.  That is the day the bubble will be going up.  There will be no practice for any group on that day as we will need everyone's help with the bubble raising.  More information about the event will be available soon. 

The practice schedule for today is normal - Senior Red and Black from 4:00-6:30, Senior White from 5:45-8:00, Age Group II from 6:00-8:00, and Senior Prep and Masters from 8:00-9:00 all in the outdoor pool.  Age Group I will be in the indoor pool from 4:30-6:15.  There is no practice today for Novice.