AFP-Manna Updates

Each family (with exception of High School, JumpStart, and Collegiate swimmers) is responsible for an additional payment to the RAYS. The AFP must be earned or paid by April 30 of each swim season. A “returning” family has an AFP Obligation of $225. A “first year” family has an AFP Obligation of $125. This reduced AFP allows “first year” family to get familiar with the AFP/Scrip Program. Families that have had swimmers on the team previously are not considered “first year".

AFP may be made by direct payment or by credit by one of many available options described below:

  Donna Wheater, Manna Coordinator, email:; text: 540-642-7166.
Please note:  Donna cannot check text or email during the work day. 
We have the following AFP options available with some changes for the 2017-2018 season:



CASH WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED FOR AFP PURCHASES MADE AT PRACTICE SITES - CHECKS ONLY.  All gift cards can only be purchased online via ScripZone.  Donna Wheater is depleting the card inventory and has a limited supply of the following cards:  Food Lion ($50 card value). Please contact Donna directly for availability.


Papa Johns pizza cards cost $10 each with $8 going towards AFP earnings.  First redemption is for buy 1 get 1 free. 

Currently not available, expect new cards soon.


2018 Chick Fil A calendars (mid to late fall) are $8 with $4 towards AFP per calendar.

Calendars are no longer available for 2017-2018 season

  ScripZone is our gift card provider.  Shipping of gift cards is to the individual address.  For more info please  click here .

  2018 Attractions Books (Fredericksburg area) are still $25 with $10 towards AFP per book sold.  A vailable now from your AFP  Site Coordinator through Oct.  For other area attraction books please email or text Donna Wheater.

White House Ornaments may now be pre-ordered through October 18th with delivery at each site the week of October 30th.  Ornaments are $20 each with $2 per ornament going towards your AFP.  

Ornaments are no longer available for 2017-2018 season.


Yankee Candle Sales are ongoing:    40% of the pre-tax amount goes toward AFP earnings.  Orders will only be done online and shipped to the individual address.  Our group number:  990082030.  There isn't a seller ID for the RAYS. YOU MUST ENTER YOUR SWIMMER'S NAME IN THE "SELLER'S BOX" WHEN YOU BEGIN THE CHECKOUT PROCESS.  Note: Yankee Candle gift cards DO NOT WORK with this purchase.


15% of sales order applied to AFP.  Please order through our Stingrays Norwex Consultant, Christina Theberge.  When ordering on the website, use party drop down menu and select "Stingrays Swim Team" to have your order applied to AFP.


If you would like to get great tools for your kitchen or for gifts while paying off your AFP with RAYS here is your opportunity!  Once a month a team order will be placed and you will get 15% towards your manna (excluding tax and shipping).  November/December's order will be submitted on Dec 6th. 

Here is the link:

***Want an order sooner?  You can place an order anytime and you will get 10% toward AFP.  Here is that link: ***

Any questions?  Contact Margaret Williamson  

(540)273-6996 or


Two ways to order! Select your desired retail items as a Retail Customer, or SAVE MONEY and get the wholesale cost by getting a discounted Premium Starter Kit!

-20% of the product value will go to your AFP.

To order, go to my website and select "Get Started"

For catalog and more information

If ordering from Young Living Website, be sure to enter #1660265 in enroller and sponsor.

Ginni Taylor -



25% of the money your family raises through selling ad space on our programs will be credited toward your AFP obligation. 


  Earn AFP by becoming a certified USA Meet Official and officiating at RAYS Home Meets.  $25 per session upto $200 credit per family.

For more information, please contact the AFP Coordinator from your practice site.


Donna Wheater
(540) 642-7166 (cell/text)
Hours: Tuesday 5:00 - 6:30 pm and by appt

Also assisting Donna,
Tracey Boutte, &


Valerie Perdue

Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 5:00-6:15 PM



Jeff Rouse Swim & Sport Center

Holly Born
Cell/Text: 540-940-3593
Hours: Monday - 6:45-7:45 PM; Tuesday & Wednesday - 5:00-6:00 PM



Do I have to participate:  Families can “opt-out” of the AFP plan by paying the total obligation upfront at time of registration.

When will I be invoiced if I don't meet our family obligation?  Any AFP amount not meet by April 30th will be on your May Invoice and be due June 1st.

What if I earn more than my obligation?  Credit in excess of the required AFP is added to the family’s account, up to $1000 credit/rebate. Excess credit/rebate over $1000 reverts to the RAYS, as a donation to the RAYS scholarship fund. Excess credit to a family’s team account may not result in a refund of monies previously paid and a family may not delay a payment in anticipation of future AFP credit.

What if I leave the RAYS?  When a family leaves the team, excess funds in the family’s team account, gained via AFP, reverts to the RAYS.


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