There is a last minute practice schedule change for today....

This is the MAC News for Friday, May 9th. 

There is a last minute practice schedule change for today that affects AGI (hopefully you all found out about this at practice last night!).  Age Group I will train today with Age Group II from 6:00-8:00 at MIDDLETOWN HIGH SCHOOL.  This is in addition to the practice schedule change that moved Senior Red and Black from Middletown to the Hood indoor pool for tonight. 

Don Feinberg is looking for 2 people to help inflate inner tubes TODAY.  These are used during the bubble lowering to help protect the bubble fabric and keep it from getting wet.  If you are able to help this morning or any time today, please contact Don at 301-696-3484 or just show up at the bubble ready to go. 

How can you forget??  The bubble will be coming down tomorrow at 8:00 am (Don Feinberg will be there are 7:00 for all you early birds).  We need everyone's help, especially our dads and older swimmers.  If you cannot make it at 8:00, please come when you are able.  There is plenty to do once the bubble has been lowered, folded up, and put away.  It is important that many of us stay after the bubble has been put away as there is still much to be done!  Remember to wear old clothes and shoes that you don't mind getting dirty and wet.  Garden or work gloves may be helpful.  Older swimmers should be prepared to get in the water.  We need crescent wrenches and socket wrenches in the following sizes - 15/16 (especially this size), 9/16, 5/8, and 1/2.  Vice gripes, a SMALL compressor, and someone with a pickup truck would also be helpful.  Don't forget to label all of your tools so that they go home with you! 

This year we are also asking for some help on Sunday (yes, we know it is Mother's Day) beginning around 10:00 am with cleanup and furniture moving chores.  The more, the merrier and the quicker everyone will be able to get home to their families. 

Entries for the MAC biathlon fund-raiser on May 31st are due to Coach Lauren's folder by next Thursday, May 15th. 

Also due May 15th is your first payment of the trimester if you pay your dues on the installment plan.  Questions regarding your bill should be directed to Fred Manning at 

Team and individual photos will be taken by Roby's Photo Studio on Tuesday, May 20th.  More information about the schedule will be available soon. 

The practice schedule for today is as follows - Senior Red and Black from 4:00-5:30 in the indoor pool at Hood.  This group will stay until 6:30 to help with the bubble prep.  Senior White, Age Group I and Age Group II will all swim from 6:00-8:00 at Middletown High.  There is no practice today for Senior Prep, Novice, or Masters.  All practices for Saturday are cancelled due to the bubble lowering.  My guess is there will be morming practice for Seniors on Monday from 5:15-6:30.  I will confirm that and let everyone know if there isn't going to be practice. 

Hope to see everyone at the bubble lowering!  Have a great weekend!