Due to a huge response to the EST long course meet to be held April....

Today is Wednesday, April 9th and this is the MAC News. 

Due to a huge response to the EST long course meet to be held April 19-20th, the meet closed out prior to the receipt of our entries (despite the fact that our entries were received prior to the posted deadline) and our team will be unable to participate.  If you entered your swimmer in this meet, all fees will be credited to your account for use at a future meet. 

On Saturday, May 31st MAC will be hosting a biathlon fund-raiser to raise awareness for cancer and to help support Kathy Rossick's fight against the disease.  All entries, along with the $30 registration fee, are due to Coach Lauren's folder by May 15th.  The event is open to all MAC and Hood Hammerhead families, including parents and former swimmers!  Other ways to help are detailed on the information sheet found on our website.  The registration form may be found there as well. 

Don't forget, entries for the NAAC Carol Chidester Memorial Long Course meet(, along with a check to cover the fees ($5.00/event, up to 4 events per day, plus the $3.00 service charge), are due to the meet entry folder by 6:00 pm TODAY.   

Your RSVP slip for the MAC banquet on May 4th, along with payment, is due to the Banquet folder by Monday, April 21st.  Please be aware that space is limited so get your RSVPs in ASAP.   

Anyone wishing to contribute photos for the general team slide show shown at the banquet should e-mail them to Terri Bush at Territbush@aol.comor leave a disc of pictures in the Bush folder by Sunday, April 20th.  

Joanna Yeh ( is collecting pictures for the senior slide show to also be shown at the banquet.  If you have any pictures of the following swimmers from any time in their MAC careers, the group would greatly appreciate copies - Laurel Brabson, Jamie Hyrkas, Josh Kim, Katie Serfling, Julie Thackston, and Asaph Yeh. 

Orders, along with a check for the appropriate amount made payable to Toni James, for Hershey Park tickets are due to the JAMES folder by 8:00 pm on FRIDAY.  Prices are $26.50 for ages 9-54, $23.00 for ages 3-8 and 55-69.   

The practice schedule for today is normal - Senior Red and Black from 4:00-6:30 and Age Group I from 6:00-7:45 in the bubble.  There is no practice today for Senior White, Senior Prep, Age Group II, Novice, or Masters.