Message From The President

Dear RAC Parents and Swimmers,

We are so excited for the 2015-2016 swim season. We welcome our newest swimmers and families to RAC as well as our returning Competitive Swimmers, Masters and Olympic Way atheletes back to the pool!

The purpose of this communication is to explain how RAC is governed and the roles and responsibilities of the RAC Board.

In USA swimming there are several models of swim clubs

1. Parent Governed Club - Non for Profit, Board of Directors, CEO Coach Model 2. Coach Owned Club ? Coach owned or privately owned club 3. Institution Owned Club ? Program offered by owner of swimming facility ie: University, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Parks and Rec, Private schools.

RAC is a Parent Governed Club with a Board of Directors and a CEO/Head Coach. Your Board of Directors for 2015-2016 are the following;

President ? Jill Bornstein (Swimmer - AJ in National)

Vice President ? Brid Clancy (Swimmers ? Brid, Masters, Elissa Sr. Elite, Jack in AG)

Treasurer ? Gayle Leonard (Swimmer - Jenna in Sr. Elite)

Secretary ? Rick Snyder(Swimmers - Haley in Sr. Elite , Hannah in National)

Communication ? Marcia Riebling (Swimmers ? Riley in AG, Liam in National)

Past President ? Sandra Smith (Swimmers ? Sandra in Masters, Kieran in National)

Strategic Planning ? Todd Gordon (Swimmer ? Lindsey in National)

Squad Reps - National/Senior Elite- Michelle Budicini (Swimmer ? Jenna in Sr. Elite)

Senior ? Karen Coughlin (Swimmer ? Jack in Senior)

Age Group/Development ? Rita Rush (Swimmer ? Maggie in AG), Jen Coakley (Swimmer ? Emma in Age Group) Joshua Weiner ? (Swimmer - Julia in Sr. Elite, Mathew in Age Group)

Head Coach/CEO ? Emmanuel Lanzo

The Board deals with Governance and Strategic Issues of the club, such as: budgeting and finances, fundraising initiatives, Parks and Rec Relationship, team bylaws, policies and procedures; coordination of meet volunteers; etc. The Board does not deal with the ?wet? side (coaching and training related questions, meet entries, group placement, etc.).

If you have questions or concerns regarding your child you should always set up an appointment to speak to your Coach first. If you cannot resolve your situation with your coach, you can then speak with your squad representative.

Thank you so much for your support of RAC, The Board and our Coaches. We are always looking for volunteers and future board members so please reach out to any board members if you are interested in helping RAC out!

Jill Bornstein, RAC President.