AGD4 Reaches Group Goal

On Saturday Nov. 21st, 38 Clippers from the AGD4 group ran a 5k race as part of practice. So why is this noteworthy?

On Sept. 15th, the first day of practice the group was informed by Coach Lisa Harkrader that they had a group goal that everyone in the group would be able to finish a 5k run.  The AGD4 group commited to a 10 week running program 1 to 3 times per week.  The swimmers started at a 1 minute run / 1 minute walk program for 30 minutes.  Each week they gradually increased the running time while decreasing the waking time.  Soon these swimmers were becoming runners which helped them become better athletes.  The top two finishers were only seconds apart.  Keagan Finley finished first in 22:10 followed by Zach Major(22:13).  The top female was Maya Reich in a time of 24:01.  The biggest accomplishment was that every swimmer completed the race.  We had over 50 supporters to cheer us on with posters, noise makers and encouraging words. 

Coach Lisa is extremely pleased with everyones effort.  "We worked together to achieve this group goal and it was shown at the race."  Top finishers were running laps with teammates to encourage them to do their best.  The final runner had a group of over 20 swimmers running the final lap and encouraging her to beat Coach Lisa.  To sum up the 5k race for the AGD4 group is to say their motto:  GOOD, BETTER, BEST, never take a rest until your good is better and your better  is best

Congratulations AGD4 Swimmers!!!!!