Trident makes Big Splash in Cerritos



Meet Report  
What a great meet!!!!!   Most Tridents had major drops in their swimming times!  Some swimmers made new qualifying standards in several events for the December Invite and Spring Junior Olympics, with several swimmers making great efforts but coming up a bit short.   Mei Ling Chun won several events. The biggest drop was Lexi Hopps in her 1650 dropping 49 seconds.  Top honors for the boys were Michael Wang, Aron Tran and David Wang.
Make sure you try to learn and improve 1 skill everyday in practice. The Coaching Staff were very pleased with everyone’s performances. Keep up the hard work!
Swimmers need to rest their goals and focus on their next swim meets!!!!  Awards will be placed in the Family Folders.
There were some DQs. Remember what you were DQ’d for, making sure you learn from this. DQs are a learning tool. Some of the greatest swimmers in this sport learned from their mistakes. This is how we learn!!!!!!  
  • Be on time for warm-ups and warm-up as a team.
  • See your Coach immediately after every swim for feedback.Warm-down if warm-down pool available. 
  • Parents with swimmers participating will be REQUIRED to either time or officiate at meets.   Check the timing assignment sheet posted
  • Swimmers will need to see the Coach about relays before leaving the meet. 
  • Always double check to see if you are on a relay.  Relay swimmers stay to the end of the meet.
  • Leave the area cleaner than we found it.
  • Team uniforms are important and are expected to be worn!
  • Warm-down a 300 after every race. (12 laps easy swimming)