A Swimmers First Swim Meet

A Swimmers First Swim Meet

Did you check in for your events?
Prior to your events they will post the heat and lane assignments.
Tell the coach what events, heat and lane you are in once it is posted.
Visit with the coach before and after every race. (Parents please make sure your child visits with the coach prior to and immediately after each race)
IM (Individual Medley) is fly, back, breaststroke, freestyle
Always touch the wall with two hands in fly and breaststroke!
Finish on your back in backstroke races!!!!
  • Be on time for warm-ups and warm-up as a team.
  • See your Coach immediately after every swim for feedback.Warm-down if warm-down pool available. 
  • Parents with swimmers participating will be required to either time or officiate at meets.   Check the timing assignment sheet posted
  • Swimmers will need to see the Coach about relays before leaving the meet. 
  • Always double check to see if you are on a relay.  Relay swimmers stay to the end of the meet.
  • Leave the area cleaner than we found it.
  • Team uniforms are important and are expected to be worn!
  • warm-down a 300 after every race. (12 laps easy swimming)