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15 and Up Fee and Volunteer Information

Hello Stingrays,

As some of you may have heard, the Stingrays Board of Directors sent a survey out to the families of the 13 and up swimmers to get an idea of how people feel about a rate and/or volunteer unit increase for swimmers 15 and up starting with the 2017 season.   The 15 and up age group currently gets a discounted rate and there is not a volunteer requirement.  The 13/14 group is quite large (38 swimmers) and we could potentially lose a significant amount of income and volunteers by the 2017 season that could be detrimental to the team.  Without the income we cannot retain our current coaching staff and without the volunteers we cannot run home/away meets and/or other Stingrays activities.  As most of you already know, we are a team entirely run by volunteers and are a non-profit organization.   Careful planning is critical in keeping the Stingrays whole.


We would like to clarify some things that were mentioned in the survey results as well as provide additional information:


1.  The Board of Directors are volunteers.  We do not get paid, we do not benefit from the rate structure of the team and our swimmers do not get a discounted swimmer fee rate.  We volunteer year round.


2.  If any changes take effect, it will not be until the 2017 season.  We need volunteers to make the team run.  It takes approximately 42 volunteers (from our team) to run a home meet and 20-22 volunteers (from our team) to run an away meet.  Additionally, it takes many volunteers to run Stingrays events such as Fiesta Night, Family Fun Night, Lapapalooza and the Awards ceremony.


3.  We have not had a fee increase across all age groups since 2014.  Increasing fees across all age groups is one of the many scenarios we are looking at.  No decisions have been made.  We are in the very early planning stages and that is why we solicited feedback by way of the survey.  We have to pay for lifeguards, pool rental for meets and practices, coaches, equipment, etc.  These amounts rise annually.


Additionally, every season, we as a Board scramble to find volunteers.  Members who say they will volunteer, at times don’t.   In addition to the Board members serving on the Board, some members also serve a core position or fill in at swim meets almost weekly during the season.


We appreciate all of the positive feedback and suggestions.  It is very helpful when evaluating different scenarios.  Our ultimate hope and goal is that the team will expand and we will keep any changes minimal.   


We will continue to keep you informed.  You are entirely welcome to attend our monthly Board meetings and we encourage you to do so.



-Stingrays Board of Directors