Waterlog Fall 00



This has been a really exciting time for the AmberJax family. We want to officially welcome the

Jacksonville Country Day School team aboard and thank them for their enthusiasm and hard work. This

fall also saw the addition of a few new coaches to our staff. Coaches Pat Raiser, Chris George and Mike

Dingfield have all joined us. We are lucky to have them aboard and are already seeing results in the


Of course fall brings high school season. We were very fortunate to have so many AmberJax representing

so many schools. However, each school has different attendance requirements so our own attendance has

been a bit confusing at times. However, overall we have had overwhelming success with all of our


Short Course Junior Nationals

Congratulations to our three swimmers who currently have qualifying times for Juniors. We are confident

that we will a few more cuts and are close to sending relays as well. We will be flying to Columbus Ohio

on Wednesday December 9th and arriving back in Jacksonville on Sunday December 12th. Remember that

if you are attending this meet, you need to be in touch with your teachers immediately so that you can

make arrangements to miss school during this time.

B Championships

This will be a great meet for all our swimmers who are new to the sport or who are finally getting a

chance to swim an event they haven’t swam in a while. Remember you can only swim events that you

don’t have a times in. This will be the final meet of the year and we’re looking forward to many fast

swims. Please talk to your coach if you have any questions about your eligibility.

Finally, I wanted to say thank you all so much for the team support that the DeMotte family has received

over the last few months. As many of you know, the pregnancy with our third child wasn’t as smooth as

we would have hoped for. However on October 12th, we were blessed with the arrival of Macey Laurence

DeMotte who weighed in at 6 lbs. and 5oz. She is perfect and we can’t fully express how great it is to

have her here. Since her birth, we have been very touched with the kind gifts and expressions of support

from our AmberJax family. All our children are fortunate to have this extending group of swimmers and

families as part of their lives. Thanks so much to all of you! Holiday

Holiday Schedule

The practice schedule for the week November 23rd through November 30th

Monday and Tuesday are normal practice times

Senior Wednesday, Friday and Saturday will be from 7:00-10:00am

Gold Wednesday, Friday and Saturday will be from 8:00-10:00am

Silver Wednesday, Friday and Saturday will be from 8:30-10:00am

Bronze Off

Garnett Off

From the Coaching Staff to all of you,

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Daytona Beach 11-13 September

34 of 37 swimmers had lifetime bests

No New Records

New Senior Champs Cuts

Sonny Kadric 100 Back

Kandes Soapes 100 Free

New JO Cuts

William Walker 13-14 Boys 100 Free, 200 Free and 100 Fly

New AA Times

Kandes Soapes 11-12 Girls 100 Fly

William Walker 13-14 Boys 200 Free

New A Times

Chip Clark 11-12 Boys 100 Back

William Walker 13-14 Boys 200 Free

Down Under 9-10 October

40 of 43 swimmers had lifetime bests

No new team records

No new Senior Champs

New JO

William Walker 13-14 Boys 500 Free

Cody Mason 13-14 Boys 100 Back

New A Time

Cody Mason 13-14 Boys 200 IM

Nike Short Course Invitational Wrap Up

Congratulations to all of the AmberJax family for hosting our biggest meet yet. We had just fewer than

600 swimmers here and plenty of fast swimming. Hosting meets helps promote our club in many ways

but is certainly not easy. We can only consistently host the successful meets that we do because of

overwhelming help that parent volunteers offer. From officials to timers to concessions and plenty of

other tasks, our parents are the best in North Florida. Thank you all so much for everything that you do!

Of the 128 AmberJax that we had swim in the meet, 119 of them had lifetime bests.

New Team Records

Hannah Sykes, 7-8 Girls 25 Free, 50 Free, 25 Breast, 25 Fly, 50 Fly and 100 IM

Kameryn Mallinson, 7-8 Girls 25 Back, 50 Back

Will Fletcher, 6 and Under Boys 25 Back

Tyler Sheffield, 6 and Under Boys 25 Fly

Julian Rubiano, 7-8 Boys 25 Back, 50 Fly

Brian Harrington 15-16 Boys 200 Fly

New Cuts

Junior Olympics

Megan Altman 50 Fly

Jacob Andrasco 50 Breast

Chris Dingfield 100 Fly

Alexis Durlacher 50 Fly

Cody Mason 200 Back

William Walker 200 IM

Senior Champs

Marilyn Rowell 50 Free

Shelby Walding 200 Back

New Time Standards


William Walker 500 Free

Shrimpy Harrington 200 Fly


Megan Altman 50 Free, 50 Fly

Alexis Durlacher 50 Fly

Savannah Fleming 500 Free

Christina Lawler 100 Free

Cody Mason 100 Back

Kevin Munoz 50 Free, 100 Free

Christine Riley 100 Free

Maddie Shaw 50 Free

Jake Sykes 50 Free


Megan Altman 100 Breast

Jacob Andrasco 50 Free, 100 Breast, 100 Free, 100 Back

Seth Bergey 50 Free

Megan Brown 200 Free, 50 Fly

Michael Devine 100 Breast

Chris Dingfield 400 IM, 1000 Free

Alexis Durlacher 50 Free, 100 Breast, 100 IM, 100 Free, 50 Back

Ashley Gunter 50 Free

Regan Gunter 50 Free

Kameryn Mallison 50 Back

Maddie Shaw 200 Back

Hannah Sykes 50 Free, 50 Fly, 100 IM,

William Walker 100 Breast

Bolles 7-8 November

40 of 42 swimmers had lifetime bests

New Records

Julian Rubano 7-8 Boys 25 Back

New A time

Kandes Soapes 200 Free

Sarasota Meet Wrap Up

The AmberJax just returned from the Sarasota YMCA Turkey Meet and we are thrilled with the results.

This was a team travel meet which are a great opportunity for the team to build stronger ties with each

other. Four swimmers and Coach Doug left Friday morning while the rest of the group boarded the bus

and drove down Friday evening. We ate dinner at Felix’s restaurant in Ocala which was an upscale Italian

bistro. Thankfully we got a room to ourselves as it turns out many of us were a bit underdressed. We

rolled into Sarasota about 10:00pm and went to bed. The older kids arrived at the Sarasota YMCA around

7:00am for warm up while the younger kids got there around noon. Saturday night we had pizza back at

the hotel and hit a movie before going to bed. Sunday’s meet schedule was the same and the morning

swimmers boarded the bus after lunch around 1:30 and were off. Sunday’s afternoon session had a few

delays but everyone was back in Jacksonville by 10:00pm.

Meet Stats

42 of the 43 swimmers on the trip had a lifetime best.

Team Records

Christi Riley 11-12 Girls 50 Breast

Chandler Soapes 15-16 Girls 200 Back and 100 Fly

Shrimpy Harrington 15-16 Boys 100 Back

New Standards

Senior Champs

Joey Arlington 200 Back, 50 Free

Nick Blume 50 Free

Alex Brown 200 Free, 100 Back, 200 Fly

Blake Ehlers 500 Free

Trey Murphy 100 Back, 200 Back

Christi Riley 100 Breast


Zach Dingfield 200 IM, 100 Free, 50 Fly

Jack Munoz 50 and 100 Back

Kevin Munoz 100 Free

Lexi Riley 50 Back


Christi Riley 50 and 100 Breast

Brian Harrington 100 Back

Chandler Soapes 100 Fly, 100 Free


Joey Arlington 50 Free

Nick Blume 50 Free

Alex Brown 200 Free, 200 Fly

Cristina Hernandez 200 Back

Kandes Soapes 200 Free


Alex Brown 100 Back

Ebb Buck 50 Free

Evan DeGidio 100 Fly

Zach Dingfield 100 Free

Micah Hall 200 Free

Cristina Hernandez 200 Fly

Jack Munoz 50 Back

Kevin Munoz 200 Free

Trey Muphy 200 Back

Lexi Riley 50 Back

Shelby Walding 200 Back

Congratulations to all the AmberJax!