Pointe-Claire Review

Pointe Claire Meet Recap

Seven Hurricanes swimmers raced at the Pointe-Claire Invitational December 10-13th in Montreal! Roscoe, Chris and Aidan competed in the AAA side of the meet while Morgan, Quincy, Avery and Marisa raced in the AA pool. After a very successful Xmas Cracker the team took another big step forward racing again the next weekend. 17 team records were broken after the team set 11 new standards the previous week! Including Aidan breaking his first 14&under team record and Marisa racing to her first three team records! Avery and Morgan are now fully qualified for AAA Championships! With Avery reaching the time in both the 50m Breaststroke and 400m Individual Medley and Morgan breaking through in the 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle and 200m Freestyle!  Chris is now officially qualified for Canadian Age Group Championships this summer after reaching the times in both the 50m Freestyle and 200m Backstroke! Morgan raced to a very impressive five gold medals at the meet! Quincy, Avery and Chris all reached the medal podium as well, with everyone racing in finals or consolation finals throughout the meet. It was a new experience for the team with team travel and learning to manage themselves throughout a performance meet with great results against new competition! Everyone made new friends and we were complimented by our swimmers behaviour everywhere we went. A big thanks to Rose who did a tremendous job helping look after the swimmers throughout the trip!

Our next big focus meets will be LMR Championships, AA Championships and AAA Championships in February and March. We now have six swimmers qualified for AAA Championships (Morgan, Roscoe, Avery, Chris, Aidan and Sophie) and 9 qualified for AA Championships (Durban, Quincy, Jade, Sidney, Abbey, Lucas, Marisa, Kourosh and Amanda).

100% Best Times
Quincy Bender, Marisa Ruus

>70% Best Times
Morgan Bender, Avery Kirstiuk, Chris Ruus

Top 3
Morgan Bender – 1st 100m Freestyle, 1st 50m Freestyle, 1st 400m Freestyle, 1st 200m Freestyle, 1st 200m Individual Medley
Quincy Bender – 2nd 200m Butterfly, 2nd 400m Freestyle, 3rd 50m Freestyle, 3rd 200m Freestyle
Avery Kirstiuk – 2nd 200m Breaststroke, 2nd 100m Breaststroke
Chris Ruus – 3rd 200m Backstroke, 3rd 50m Backstroke

Top 8 (Finals)
Quincy Bender – 50m Butterfly, 100m Butterfly
Avery Kirstiuk – 50m Breaststroke, 400m Individual Medley
Chris Ruus – 100m Backstroke
Marisa Ruus – 100m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle, 400m Freestyle, 200m Freestyle, 100m Butterfly
Aidan Smith – 200m Freestyle

Top 16 (Consolation Finals)
Roscoe Dillman – 100m Backstroke, 400m Individual Medley, 200m Backstroke
Avery Kirstiuk – 200m Individual Medley
Chris Ruus – 50m Freestyle, 200m Freestyle
Marisa Ruus – 50m Butterfly
Aidan Smith – 100m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle, 200m Backstroke, 400m Freestyle, 100m Butterfly

New Team Records
12&under Girls
50m Freestyle – Morgan Bender – 29.10 (was Morgan Bender 30.26 ’15)
100m Freestyle – Morgan Bender – 1:03.72 (was Morgan Bender 1:05.52 ’15)
200m Freestyle – Morgan Bender – 2:21.43 (was Morgan Bender 2:24.52 ’15)
400m Freestyle – Morgan Bender – 4:59.87 (was Morgan Bender 5:02.48 ‘15)
50m Butterfly – Quincy Bender – 35.12 (was Avery Kirstiuk 35.65 ’15)
100m Butterfly – Quincy Bender – 1:20.98 (was Annika Steiro 1:22.47 ’11)
200m Butterfly – Quincy Bender – 2:56.17 (was Quincy Bender 3:05.41 ‘15)
200m Individual Medley – Morgan Bender – 2:44.50 (was Georgina Philpotts 2:49.34 ’10)
14&under Girls 
100m Freestyle – Marisa Ruus 1:03.66 (was April Barnes 1:04.14 ’13)
200m Freestyle – Marisa Ruus 2:17.85 (was April Barnes 2:20.68 ’13)
400m Freestyle – Marisa Ruus 4:59.77 (was April Barnes 5:02.17 ’12)
50m Breaststroke – Avery Kirstiuk 37.73 (was Sophie Smith 37.76 ‘15)
400m Individual Medley – Avery Kirstiuk – 5:39.84 (was Goergina Philpotts 5:51.39 ’10)
14&under Boys
200m Freestyle – Aidan Smith – 2:08.63 (was Chris Ruus 2:09.13 ’13)
15&over Boys
50m Freestyle – Chris Ruus – 23.98 (was Colby Evans 23.99 ’14)
50m Backstroke – Chris Ruus – 27.08 (was Colby Evans 27.55 ’14)
200m Backstroke – Chris Ruus -2:06.27 (was Chris Ruus 2:08.79 ’15) 

New Time Standards

Canadian Age Group Championships
Chris Ruus – 50m Freestyle, 200m Backstroke

AAA Provincial Championships
Morgan Bender – 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle, 200m Freestyle
Avery Kirstiuk – 50m Breaststroke, 400m Individual Medley

AA Provincial Championships
Quincy Bender – 100m Butterfly
Marisa Ruus – 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle, 400m Freestyle