Snow Days and Weather Policy for the Winter

The policy for facility/practice cancellation and closure due to weather will be as follows:

  Any days that Lake Washington School Districts are in session and holding classes, the facility will be open, and we have practice.  Should the school district cancel class and have a snow day, the pool will be closed and there will not be practice.  Should they decide to hold a late start, we will open at the time of the late start and continue programming at the normally scheduled time.  Please visit there website at to check for closures, also both Lake Washington Masters websites and Jaunita Aquatics Center Website will post closure information. 

During the two weeks for break from school, we will go to a text message and email system for closures based on Becca's judgement before 4:30 in the morning. 

If you have any questions please see, call or email Becca at 425-823-7627 or [email protected]

As a reminder, there is no practice 12/24-12/26, or 1/1/10