CDSC Invitational Recap

CDSC New Year Invitational Meet Recap

Very strong results for a training meet this past weekend at the CDSC New Year Invitational! As swimmers get older and more experienced it gets tougher to go best times especially when we are in the middle of a challenging training block. It’s difficult to get easy speed off the blocks and the turns so it takes much more effort to maintain fast racing. We did not have the same numbers of best times that we usually do but the coaches were really impressed with the racing skills displayed throughout the weekend. Our Hurricanes swimmers often out touched their competition in the last few meters of each race and almost always moved up the standings in their heats. Other swimmers were going through the same tough swimming and we showed a lot of improvement dealing with adversity. These meets are great opportunities for swimmers to manage their time on deck over a long weekend of swimming, similar to what they will have to do at AA and AAA Championships. Despite the hard racing conditions we had a lot of very positive results and the swimmers are setting themselves up well for the next few weeks of training and racing. The practice schedule will remain challenging for a few more weeks, it is a lot more work than they were doing in the fall session and we should see some great results at their championship meets once they get more rest and feel their easy speed.

A few of the highlights of the meet:

Sidney had an incredible 400m Individual Medley, racing to her AAA Time Standard the first time she swam the event! She also set three new club records in the 400m IM, 50m Butterfly and 200m Freestyle.

Josh really came through to qualify for the AA Championships after being very close at Christmas Cracker. He raced to AA time standards in the 200m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle and 400m Freestyle.

Many swimmers raced the 400m Individual Medley (Durban, Sidney, Laura, Lucas) and 200m Butterfly (Abbey, Lucas, Grace, Marisa and Sophie) for the first time with great results, there will be more of these events in our future! Lucas added a new AA time in the 400m IM and Abbey did as well in the 200m Fly!   

Keala swam at her first LMR Meet after qualifying in December, she did a great job of both the 100m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly with a lot of new firsts at a big meet!

Our competitive swimmers will now race at the Chena Invitational and Chena Distance Meets this weekend January 30-31. Followed by preparation for their main performance meets of the Winter Season. Swimmers can still qualify and add their names to each meets list this weekend!  
AA Championships in Penticton Feb 12-14 (Durban, Quincy, Jade, Sidney, Josh, Abbey, Lucas, Marisa and Kourosh)
Western Canadian Championships in Winnipeg Feb 18-21 (Chris)
LMR Championships in Richmond Feb 20-21 (Thomas, Isabelle, Keala, Cami, Naomi, Shona, Laura, James, Marla, Grace, Kiana, Eduardo, Eoin, Curtis, Amanda)
AAA Championships in Victoria Mar 3-6 (Morgan, Roscoe, Avery, Chris, Aidan, Sophie)
SwimBC Open at UBC Mar 12-13 (Roscoe, Chris).

100% Best Times
Abbey Heard

>75% Best Times
Quincy Bender, Jade Clement, Sidney Clement, Josh DeCoteau, Thomas Dignum, Naomi Kagna, Lucas Ouellette

New Team Records
10&under Girls
200m Freestyle – 2:48.57 – Sidney Clement (was 2:53.90 Sidney Clement 2015)
50m Butterfly – 38.76 – Sidney Clement (was 43.23 Brooke Cheng 2009)
400m Individual Medley – 6:29.01 – Sidney Clement (was 7:04.65 Quincy Bender 2014)
12&under Girls
50m Butterfly – 34.94 – Quincy Bender (was 35.12 Quincy Bender 2015)

New Time Standards

AAA Provincial Championships
Sidney Clement – 400m Individual Medley
Chris Ruus – 200m Individual Medley, 400m Individual Medley
Aidan Smith – 200m Butterfly, 200m Breaststroke

AA Provincial Championships
Sidney Clement – 200m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly
Josh DeCoteau – 200m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle, 400m Freestyle
Abbey Heard – 200m Butterfly
Lucas Ouellette – 400m Individual Medley
Chris Ruus – 200m Breaststroke

A Provincial Times
Durban Ball – 400m Individual Medley, 50m Butterfly
Morgan Bender – 200m Butterfly
Quincy Bender – 50m Backstroke
Jade Clement – 200m Butterfly, 100m Freestyle
Sidney Clement – 100m Backstroke
Josh DeCoteau – 200m Individual Medley
Roscoe Dillman – 50m Butterfly
Abbey Heard – 400m Individual Medley
Shona Kelly – 400m Individual Medley
Avery Kirstiuk – 200m Backstroke
Lucas Ouellette – 100m Backstroke, 200m Butterfly, 100m Butterfly
Grace Robertson – 200m Butterfly, 400m Individual Medley
Marisa Ruus – 200m Butterfly, 200m Breaststroke
Sophie Smith – 100m Backstroke, 200m Backstroke