Letter & dues contract - Neptune Board of Directors


                       Dear Parents and Swimmers:
            Over the course of the last year the Neptune Swimming Board of Directors has worked on a number of Team issues. We now have a new name, Neptune Swimming, and new By-Laws (copies are available via the Neptune Swimming Team Unify Website), which were developed in accordance with California Not for Profit Corporations Law and USA Swimming guidelines.
            Although the Board of Directors has the formal role of leading the Team and setting policy, participation of the General Membership is crucial and much needed. Therefore, the Board of Directors has established formal standing committees to assist in Team management and activities, several of which require General Members as committee members. The Standing Committees are as follows:
·       Policy & Governance – Chair, Don Edgar
·       Volunteers – Chair, Frances Sayre
·       Fundraising – Chair, Head Coach Dan Greaves
·       Corporate Sponsorships – Chair, Greg Murphy
·       Scholarship – Chair, Head Coach Dan Greaves
Contact information for the Board of Directors, along with agendas, minutes and committee information will be available via the Neptune Swimming Team Unify Website shortly. You may also contact the Board by putting correspondence addressed to the Board in the treasurer’s folder at each site location.  
            This year, the Board of Directors is updating and developing written policies and guidelines for the Team.  Along those lines, the Board voted and ratified a dues and family obligations policy structure that is reflected in a contract attached to this letter. The Board wants to ensure that all swim families have the correct information and that all families are treated fairly. In the future this contract will be signed annually prior to the start of the swim season.

            We are halfway through an exciting swim season and we are all looking forward to a great second half. This is a special year for swimming culminating with the Beijing Olympics. We have several swimmers who are close to achieving time standards that will allow them to compete at the Olympic Trials, go Neptune Swimmers! 

REMINDER - turn in your signed contract as soon as possible.


Robert Haley
President, Board of Directors
Dan Greaves
Head Coach & Director
Brian Davis
      Vice President, Board of Directors
Maria Wilson
Treasurer, Board of Directors
Frances Sayre
Secretary, Board of Directors
Mike Hannis


Don Edgar, Director

Jason Miller, Director


Greg Murphy

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