Chena Distance Meet Recap

Chena Distance Meet Recap

17 swimmers raced the 400m, 800m and 1500m Freestyle at the Chena Distance Meet! 13 swimmers raced a new event for the first time. It was great to see such strong performances in events we have not often swam in the past. Now our swimmers have entry times fast enough to enter these races at other meets throughout the year!

100% Best Times
Everyone swam to best times! 

New Team Records
10&under Girls
800m Freestyle – 11:58.03– Sidney Clement (was previously unowned)
12&under Girls
800m Freestyle – 10:36.93 – Morgan Bender (was 11:15.30 Carly Kagna 2011)
14&under Girls
800m Freestyle – 10:37.17 – Marisa Ruus (was 11:09.27 Georgina Philpotts 2011)
14&under Boys 
1500m Freestyle - 18:48.17 - Aidan Smith (was 19:18.53 Alex Baston 2009)
15&over Boys
1500m Freestyle – 17:59.75 – Chris Ruus (was 18:03.19 Colby Evans 2012)

New Time Standards

AAA Provincial Championships
Aidan Smith – 1500m Freestyle

AA Provincial Championships
Morgan Bender – 800m Freestyle
Quincy Bender – 800m Freestyle
Sidney Clement – 800m Freestyle
Thomas Dignum – 1500m Freestyle
Lucas Ouellette – 1500m Freestyle
Chris Ruus – 1500m Freestyle
Sophie Smith – 800m Freestyle

A Provincial Championships
Durban Ball – 400m Freestyle
Jade Clement – 800m Freestyle
Thomas Dignum – 400m Freestyle
Abbey Heard – 800m Freestyle
Grace Robertson – 800m Freestyle
Marisa Ruus – 800m Freestyle
Kourosh Shahbazi – 400m Freestyle