Long Course Meet Schedule

Long Course Season Meet Information (April-July)

We have had a great first half of the season with improved performance at all levels in the club. Discover 1 & 2 have seen a big boost in numbers with more swimmers attending more practices. Dream has grown with swimmers from Discover 2 joining the group. Swimmers in Dream have begun to qualify for LMR Meets and we look forward to many more getting there before the end of the season. Our competitive groups of Achieve, Strive, Challenge and Excel have had more success at meets based on their strong training throughout the year.

After a few more swim meets and weeks of training we will have Spring Break and then welcome the start of Long Course Season. This email will try to help families organize their schedules around our upcoming swim meets.

*We will offer training the last week of the Hollyburn pool closer March 29-April 1 at the Harry Jerome pool for swimmers in Dream, Achieve, Strive, Challenge and Excel. More information soon*

Discover 1 & 2
Swimmers in our Discover groups should be attending our Development meets on February 28 (sign up now!) and June 5. They will also have the opportunity to attend meets in Whitehorse May 6-7 and Whistler May 28-29. (read farther for more information on specific meets)

Swimmers in Dream who have not qualified for LMR (Lower Mainland Region) Meets will focus on our Development Meets as well as the meets in Whitehorse May 6-7 and Whistler May 28-29. Those are the meets that do not have the LMR entry standard to attend.

Achieve, Strive, Challenge and Excel
Our competitive groups, as well as our Dream swimmers who have qualified for LMR Meets have a busy schedule in April, May, June and July. This time of year is a great time for swimmers to race as they have more training behind them than any other time in the season. It is also important to get used to long course pools (50m in length instead of 25m like ours) since that is ultimately what our main meets will be at this time of year.

The following meets will be on our schedule:

Apr 2-3 Langley LC Invitational –for all of our LMR qualified swimmers to start long course racing.

Apr 29-May 1     PCS Wavemaker (Victoria) – Our big team travel meet of the long course season. Heats and finals for all swimmers including 10&unders and the meet with the highest priority to attend in the long course season for LMR qualified swimmers not yet competing at Swim BC ‘AA’ or ‘AAA’ Championships.

May 6-7  Yukon Championships (Whitehorse) – A new travel opportunity that is available to all of our swimmers from Discover to Excel (no LMR Meet qualification needed). A fun meet that will have a full range of beginning to national level swimmers. More information on our website. 

May 20-22  Hyack Festival Youth Cup – This meet is for AAA qualified swimmers and all swimmers at that level should attend as there are many strong teams from other provinces and the states that race at the meet. 

May 28-29  Whistler Sea Wolves Invitational  - A fun meet available to all of our swimmers in Whistler. All levels from Discover to Challenge can compete. Swimmers who participated in the Hyack Meet should take the weekend off.

June 4-5  LMR Championships (downtown Vancouver) – For all LMR swimmers not qualified for Swim BC AA or AAA Championships.

June 11-12  We may be attending a meet in South Surrey/White Rock for swimmers who are attending AA or AAA Championships. 

June 24-26 – Swim BC AA Championships (Kamloops) – For all qualified swimmers.

July 7-10 – Swim BC AAA Championships (Victoria) – For all qualified swimmers.

July 15-17 – Age Group Seattle Open – A new team travel meet on our schedule. We will be looking into renting a team bus and have everyone travel down together. Will have qualifying time standards but all swimmers with LMR time standards will be eligible to attend. We are encouraging more of our competitive swimmers to train farther through July to cut down on their summer break.  

July 27-31 – Canadian Age Group Championships – For all qualified swimmers.

If you have any questions regarding our meet schedule, please contact Brad at [email protected].

The more meets the better! Getting off the blocks is the best way to get as much out of the competitive swimming experience as possible!