EBAT's February Swimmers of the Month


Age Group 1

Chloe:   This girl is one tough little cookie. As we all know these past few months have been super cold. Here comes Chloe wrapped up all nice and warm in her parka knowing that in just a few minutes she is going to have to jump in that pool. Sometimes it is a struggle to get her out of that parka, but once she is by the pool side this little one is ready to go! Despite the super cold temperature Chloe finishes her warm up and waits patiently for her next set of instructions. Even though she is freezing Chloe always tries to do the best job she can. Keep of the good work Chloe! Summer is coming soon!! 
Age Group 2 / Junior 1
Sarah Williams: Sarah has earned her place as February swimmer of the month through more hard work and continued focus. Sarah has consistently attended practice throughout this rainy winter and even on the coldest days Sarah maintains a positive attitude. She is also celebrating a butterfly breakthrough this month! After weeks of powering through our new “stationary butterflyý drill, the pieces have really fallen into place for Sarah. It was so much fun to see her get it. She felt it too, and commented with a smile, “Well if you had just TOLD me I was kicking at the wrong time…ý J  I’m really proud of Sarah and her accomplishments this month. In other news, Sarah has also been making a splash in Auntie Lynn’s kitchen. Lucky for us, Sarah’s teammates and coaches often get to be the happy beneficiaries of her baking adventures. Yum!
Junior 2 / Pre-Senior
The February Swimmer of the Month for the Jr2/PS groups goes to Gabbi White. Gabbi, a freshman at CVHS, has made a strong transition into the Pre Senior group. She got a late start this season as she was busy being one of her high school’s top cross country runners last fall. I’m not surprised by Gabbi’s excellent running abilities as she is a very hard worker and has a strong competitive instinct. These qualities help her succeed in many of the things she chooses to do. (this may not include ultimate Frisbee) Her drive, dedication, and talent are inspiring to all who have seen her shine. Her tenacity is certainly appreciated by her EBAT teammates and Coach.