Volunteering Policy Change

Dear Parents,

  Last night at our board meeting we had significant discussion on two items - lack of parent volunteers at swim meets and the need for additional parent education of how our club operates and swimming in general. These two areas consume a lot of time for the board volunteers and our coaches. This email addresses follow up actions that will be taken regarding volunteers and a second email later this week will address the education topic.

  Unfortunately, many of our parents have been unwilling to volunteer at swim meets this season.  Swim meets are run entirely with volunteers. Officials, timers, score board operators, marshals etc. are parent volunteers.  RAC is assigned volunteer assignments at all meets based on the number of kids who are participating in a session of a meet.  Even if we have RAC scratches on the day of the meet we still have to fill our volunteer obligations.  Every parent in the club needs to assume they will be needed to fill a volunteer role at every session of a meet their child has signed up to attend.  Because of the lack of parent support this season RAC will be making changes going forward to help ease the burden on the Squad reps and to gain broader volunteer support among all of our parents.

 1)   Starting with Senior Champs this weekend and going forward all timing shifts will be a minimum of two hours long.  For example this Friday RAC has 4 timing slots in the morning, which means we will need 8 volunteers to cover the shifts, each 2 hours long. Normally our shifts would be shorter but because of the lack of support it is too difficult to ask our squad reps to find 12 volunteers for one session.

 2)   Starting long course season every parent will be required to sign a volunteer contract – until the contract is read and signed by a parent the child will not be able to participate in meets.

 3)   Over the course of the next few months our squad reps will be working on a policy that we will unveil at our Annual Meeting in July. The RAC policy will require some level of a monetary bond to be collected at the beginning of the season and it will be returned to families when a certain amount of volunteer obligations have been completed (to be determined).

  We realize families have different situations at meets but our aim is to develop a policy that is flexible and fair to all families.  We thank everyone who has volunteered this past year and we appreciate the support you are providing to the sport of swimming.  If you have thoughts or concerns please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or any of the RAC board members.


Jill Bornstein, RAC President