Water Log Winter 2010

Welcome to 2010! Hopefully the holidays were relaxing for everyone and that you are all ready to go back to school. This Christmas break has been a very productive one for the club as we had two great weeks of training for all levels. The senior and gold groups had doubles everyday while the age-groupers worked hard every afternoon. All the coaches are excited about what their groups accomplished and we look forward to a great spring.

Our other exciting news is that the pool heater at Jacksonville Country Day School has been installed and the water temperature is up to a toasty 84°.



A critical aspect of running any swim meet is the parent officiating. Officials volunteer their time and often do so even when their own children are not swimming. The officials at each meet have differing assignments depending on experience and the host clubs particular needs. Should anyone have any questions regarding officiating during a meet, they should approach their coach only. We in turn will approach the Meet Referee who is responsible for all the officials. Every call that is made is endorsed by the Meet Referee and they in fact do overturn calls when they deem necessary. Therefore following proper protocol is important to keeping the meet running smoothly. Meet Referees can remove parents from a meet for confronting, criticizing or harassing officials so please go through us.

Each club is required to have a certain number of registered officials based on their size. Since club sizes fluctuate, the exact number is sometimes a floating target. As swimmers grow and eventually graduate, there is a need to replenish our group of officials. The response from our AmberJax parents has been awesome. We now have far more officials than the other Jacksonville teams but we could always use more. As a reminder officials receive the following benefits.

  • Free registration with Florida Swimming
  • $50 discount from the AmberJax annual assessment
  • Education in the rules of swimming
  • Access to the hospitality of each meet

Personal Notes

Congratulations to Coach Andy on his new job working at Episcopal High School in both the admissions and development offices. We are thrilled to have him here on campus and he will be a great resource for any AmberJax who is considering attending Episcopal High School.

News Years Resolution Re-Cap

Congratulations to all the AmberJax who swam in or New Years Resolution meet at the Cecil pool. We are very fortunate to have the City of Jacksonville as a partner for this meet as they provided us with the free gifts and caps.

We can also take great pride in our meet operation. It takes a whole lot of effort from many people to put on a meet as well as we did. Our hospitality, concessions, officiating and meet operation are all done by volunteers who are the best in the business. Thanks so much to everyone involved for putting on yet another meet that was so enjoyable for the swimmers.

This is a great meet for us but it does come at a tough time in our training. The last two weeks have seen a combination of two holidays, cold weather and tough training. That being said, 68 of 79 swimmers had lifetime bests.

New Team Records

Jack Munoz 9-10 Boys 100 Free
William Walker 13-14 Boys 1,650 Free
Shrimpy Harrington 15-16 Boys 200 Back, 200 Fly and 400 IM

A. Crawford, I. Amacker, A. Gomillion, G. Hill Girls 7-8 100 Free Relay
C. Hayford, N. Hill, E. Buck, A. Hill Boys 7-8 100 Medley Relay
A. Cywes, K. Smithers, J. Munoz, L. Dingfield Boys 9-10 200 Medley Relay
C. Clark, J. Andrasco, Z. Dingfield, T. Armstrong Boys 11-12 200 Medley Relay
B. Ehlers, J. Arlington, B. Harrington, R. Bass Boys 200 Medley Relay

New Standards

            JO Cuts

                        Kevin Munoz 100 Free

                        Christi Riley 200 IM

                        William Walker 200 IM

            Senior Champs

                        Ryan Bass 200 IM

                        Alex Brown 200 IM

                        Sonny Kadric 200 Breast


                        Shrimpy Harrington 200 IM, 400 IM



                        Megan Altman 50 Back

                        Caroline Bateh 100 Free

                        Ana Marie Bistrow 200 Fly

                        Blake Ehlers 200 Back

                        Jenny May 100 Free

                        Jack Munoz 100 Free, 50 Back

                        Christi Riley 50 Back

                        William Walker 100 and 1,650


                        Megan Altman 100 and 200 IM

                        Daniel Bergey 100 Free

                        Alex Brown 200 IM

                        Sonny Kadric 200 Breast

                        Skyler Kenny 50 Free

                        Cody Mason 100 and 500 Free

                        Jenny May 100 Fly

                        William Walker 100 Fly and 200 IM