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NewsSplash, March 31, 2016

Hi Stingray Families! 


Here is your latest Stingray NewsSplash!  Critical dates included, PLEASE make sure you read through thoroughly.


1.) Registration for the 2016 Swim Season is still open.  If you haven’t already, please take a moment to get your children/child signed up.  You will certainly be missed by all if you don’t.  April 11th is the first day of the Spring Clinic for NEW TEAM SWIMMERS and NEW SUMMER FITNESS SWIMMERS, and April 25th is the first day of Spring Training for Swim Team Members and June 13th is the first day of Summer Practice for everyone.  Please refer to our website at for a complete list of practice times and the calendar of meets.  Please share this information with your family and friends who might be interested in joining our team.


2.) Swim Suit Fittings, Thursday April 7th and Friday April 8th at the James Lemos Pool from 4:00pm to 6:30pm- This year we have a new design of swim suits that include three different styles for the girls to choose from and two different styles for the boys to choose from.  If your swimmer would like a new suit, it is IMPARITIVE they attend one of the two days for swim suit fittings.  All orders must be placed online by Wednesday April 13th.  Please find the Team Suits tab on our home page and follow the steps online to place your order.  All payments will be made online and suits will be available for pick up at the pool sometime before Time Trials on May 21st. If you should miss the April 13th deadline, you are free to place an individual order that will be shipped directly to your home.  Please note, this method will be more expense and will not be received by Time Trials.


3.)  Swim Caps – Our new design of swim caps will be available for purchase at the swim suit fittings, Fiesta Night and on deck during practices and meets throughout the season. The caps are high quality silicon and cost $15.00.  We will accept cash (please bring exact amount, change will not be available) or checks made out to Benicia Stingrays.


4.)  New Swimmer Orientation, Sunday April 17th – If you are new to the team or would simply like clarification as to what to expect for the season, please join us for the New Swimmer Orientation from 4:00pm to 4:30pm, before Fiesta Night, in the downstairs hallway of the Clock Tower.


5.) Fiesta Night Volunteers - We have posted a volunteer sheet for Fiesta Night to our Stingray website!  If you would like to get some of your volunteer units completed before the season begins, this is a fun way to do that while still enjoying the evening with your family!  Most shifts are only an hour long, but you may sign up for multiple shifts for more units!

To sign up, please visit our website at,/ scroll down to the bottom of the Home Page where you will see EVENTS, click MORE, and finally, click Fiesta Night!  You will see the jobs available with a description of the job and the number of units the job will count toward your volunteer commitment. 

Please contact Julie Malte ( with any questions!

We look forward to seeing you at Fiesta Night on Sunday, April 17th!


6.) Update your account with your cell phone number – This season we are going to try something new.  In addition to your weekly NewsSplash, we will send out text messages reminding you of important information.  Please visit our site at and make sure your account is updated.  There are two important sections, one is titled SMS and the other is Carrier, please include your cell phone number is the SMS box and your cell phone provider in the Carrier box.


7.) Competitive Swim Lessons - This season the Stingray Deck Coaching Staff will be offering competitive swim lessons. Competitive lessons are designed to help swimmers make adjustments to their strokes to perfect technique and achieve optimum performance. Our coaches will focus on body position in the water, proper technique for all competitive strokes, and breaking down the three crucial components for a successful race (start, turn, finish).

Registration: open registration beginning April 25th (sign up in lesson planner during spring practice times)

Instructors: Ashlynn Smith, Skyelar Clouse, Sophie Silberman

Class Size: 3 swimmers per class

Cost: $30.00 per child, per session.  Make checks payable to instructors

Sessions:  M-TH 10:35am – 10:05am, 11:05am - 11:35am

1. June 13-16

2. June 20-24

3. June 27-30

4. July 4-7

5. July 11-14

6. July 18-21

7. July 25-28

8. Aug 1-4

*No make-up lessons will be given for days missed


8.) Spirit Wear - When you have a moment, check out the Spirit Wear (designed by our very own Coach Steve) we have available this year.  They can be found on our home page, under the Team Info Tab at the top.  Please email your orders by May 20, 2016 to


Thank you for your attention,

Carrie Smith

Communications Director

Benicia Stingrays