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Swim Suit Fittings This Thursday and Friday, April 7th and April 8th

Swim Suit Fittings this Thursday and Friday - April 7th and April 8th

at the James Lemos Pool from 4:00pm to 6:30pm. 

This year we have a new design of swim suits that include three different styles for the girls to choose from and two different styles for the boys to choose from.  If your swimmer would like a new suit, it is IMPARITIVE they attend one of the two days for swim suit fittings.  All orders must be placed online by Wednesday April 13th.  Please find the Team Suits tab on our home page and follow the steps online to place your order.  All payments will be made online and suits will be available for pick up at the pool sometime before Time Trials on May 21st. If you should miss the April 13th deadline, you are free to place an individual order that will be shipped directly to your home.  Please note, this method will be more expense and will not be received by Time Trials.

Team Caps will be available for purchase for $15.00 each.  Cash (please bring exact amount as I will not have change) or checks payable to Benicia Stingrays are acceptable forms of payment.

Thank you!

Carrie Smith

Communications Director