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Last Chance is Today, Swim Suit Orders


PLEASE ORDER YOUR TEAM SUIT NOW!!! Today is your last opportunity to place your order with our bulk team order.  

If you haven’t already placed your order, please do so now.  Orders MUST be placed by today, Wednesday, April 13th in order to arrive by Time Trials (and to receive the reduced rate for shipping).

Please see the below notes that will help you when placing your order.  The site isn’t clear on a few details, so I thought I would do my best to assist you.  If you should have more questions, please email me at

1.) Online prices include tax.

2.) The box for $1 for shipping and $1 for sorting, per item, has already been checked.

3.) If you want a Parka, Warm Up Jacket, Towel, Blanket and/or Mesh Bag personalized:

- Click the “Personalized Tab” to assess the $4.00 fee.

- In the “Optional Note or Special Instructions” box, type your child’s name.

4.)  Check out as a “Guest”.

5.) Type your information into the “Shipping Info”, this is actually the Billing Info.  All items will be shipped directly to me in one bulk order (for the first order placed on April 13th only) and I will distribute suits and apparel at the pool.

6.) Your email confirmation should list your child’s name under the “Buyer Note” if you wanted personalization.

7.) Your order will say it will be ready at the end of May, please disregard that date.  I will receive our bulk order before Time Trials on May 21st.

* NOTE:  We have a brand new size 30 Freeback, size 26 and 36 Thin Strap and size 32 Skimpy avaialble now for purchase. If your child is one of these sizes, please do not place an order since we have one available for you already. Respond to this email if you want to purchase one of these suits.

Also, we are still missing a size 36 Skimpy suit from suit fittings.  Please check your bags and your children's bags in case it was accidentally taken home.

Thank you,

Carrie Smith

Communications Director