Severe Weather Plan

NTN Parents and Swimmers,

With the crazy spring weather coming and the expectation of possible severe weather upon us, I wanted remind you of the Aquatic Center's Severe Weather Plans.  Currently, NTN practices are scheduled to run as normal.  However if the weather worsens and you do not feel safe, you do not need to bring your child to swimming.  If the Severe weather looks like it will be on-going throughout the evening and/or the School District cancels all after school activities, the Aquatic Center will close.  If we do close in anticipation of severe weather, we will let you know by e-mail and post on our web-site.

For Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Watches - We run a normal schedule but the Aquatic Center staff monitors the weather radio and phone apps for further developments.

For Severe Thunderstrom Warnings - We use our best judgement on whether to initiate Tornado Warning procedures.  A high threat of Sheer Winds or similar will be treated like a Tornado Warning.  Hail and similar will be treated like a watch.

For Tornado Warning in North Tarrant County:

     The Pool will be cleared with 3 long blasts on a whistle from a lifeguard or staff

·         Move all patrons who are present in the facility to a designated safe area.

·         Designated safe areas in the Aquatic Center are:

o   Boys and girls varsity locker rooms

o   Boys and girls public locker rooms

o   Family changing room

o   Boys bathroom in the lobby

o   Staff locker room

·         If a tornado is spotted or reported as being imminent, assume disaster duck & cover position.

·         We will retain patrons in the area until it is considered safe for them to return to activities, go home, or be released to parents.

Post Tornado:

·        Using wireless radios or cell phones, coaches should coordinate the release of students to their parents.

·         Parent drivers communicate the names of their children to a coach who is outside in the drive.

·         The coach communicates with another coach inside the facility to find and send out the child.


Thanks so much! 
From: Lynne Gorman, Water Safety Supervisor 
and Audrey Cormack, Head Coach- North Texas Nadadores