I should have emailed this earlier to the new swim families but please immediately sign up for the team’s remind 101. 

Simply text "@lakesk" as the message to 856-270-6297 and follow the prompts.

Coach Skinner utilizes this feature to update you about important updates such as cancelled practice or meet time info.


June 30th at 12pm

The Tye Die FUNction has been scheduled for Thursday June 30th at 12pm. 

For those that didn’t participate last year, we use the campsites in front of the Pines Bathroom(P22-P24). MAP:

Our tie dye vendor brings tables and dye (mostly our team colors) and the kids get to personalize the colors and pattern of their shirt and/or towel. Every family will need to bring a plastic bag per item that is being tie dyed. 

Parents, non-swimmer siblings, and swimmers alike are encouraged to participate. If you cannot attend and still want a tie dyed towel or tee, you can still purchase one and either a friend on the team or a staff member will do it for you. 

There is a 40 piece minimum for shirts and towels so feel free to get as many as you want.

The imprint on the towels and tees is the popular Super Shark logo.
Towels are $12 and Tees are $9.
Email me to reserve yours. Please remember to specifiy size for tees.  Payment is due BEFORE June 30th. 



D&Q returns Saturday( tomorrow or today depending on when you read this) from 9:30AM to 11:30PM.

They will be selling our team suit, goggles, fins, and other swim accessories at discount during the practices. We encourage you to take advantage.