The Reward For Work Well Done Is...


“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.” – Jonas Salk

 After this weekend I found this quote and felt it really described where we are as a team after this weekend. As a team our swimmers rewarded themselves with many great victories only to now set the goals higher and higher for the end of the season. With higher a goal that means that they rewarded themselves with the opportunity to train more and even harder than they have to this point. Something you got to love.

We had success of great proportions this weekend in every age group.

-          Our 15&overs put together swims that gave us great confidence in the work they have put into this season. Most were feeling exhausted but still were still staying focused on the big prize at the end of the season.

-          Our 14&unders put in a meet that proved to them that all of the work during Holiday training was well worth it. As an entire group they averaged nearly 75% best times. Could you imagine in any other sport if you were successful 75% of the time.(baseball batting .750 or Basketball shooting 75% from the field). It is impossible to achieve these levels. But yet our swimmers proved it was possible.

-          As an entire team we surpassed our goal of 1,000 best swims by over 200. WOW!!

-          We haven’t added up the number of new time standards that were achieved yet but it was an amazing amount.

Medal Count For Team

Gold      Silver    Bronze
37           38           111

Record Breakers

Congratulations to those who broke meet records and/or team records.

KayLee Witkiewicz – 50 Back, 100 Back (Both Meet Records)
Ellen Williamson – 200 Back (Meet Record)
Lilly Morgan – 100 IM (Meet Record)
Sharli Brady – 100 Free, 200 Fly (Both Team Records)