Tie Dye/ Practice/ Suits


Last Call For Tie Dye

Order is due by Thursday at 11:59PM.

There is a 40 item minimum for the order and we are currently at 13 towels and 21 tee shirts.

I don’t mind filling in the remainder and selling them from the snack bar for profit but this is a fun activity for the kids and I encourage you all to participate.

Towels are $12 and Tee Shirts are $9.

The event will be held Thursday June 30th at 12pm. If you cannot attend, you can still purchase a tie dye item and have either a friend or staff member do the tie dye for you.

The shirts and towels will have the super shark logo that is attached to all emails. 


Exiting pool area after practice

After practice, the pool area needs to be cleared out.

I know it may seem counter intuitive to leave the pool area after practice but we need that time to finish setting up the pool.

Also, members and campers are competitive about securing their spot at the pool and we don’t want non-swim families feeling like they need to drop off their stuff during practice in order to get their spot.

Also, the kiddie pool is closed during practice. Again, we don’t want to encourage non-swim families to be on deck or in the pool during practice. 


Error By D&Q on Boy’s Suits

For those of you that purchased boy suits, D&Q accidentally charged the wrong price for our team suits. Special thanks to Melissa Lomanno for bringing that to my attention. They were charging $42 when they had quoted $39. For credit card orders, they have already made the correction. For those that paid by cash, they are bringing cash refunds to the office this week. I will notify those families once D&Q stops over (I think they were waiting to also drop off special orders).

8 and Under Practice Divided Practice Times

On Saturday, the coaches had the opportunity to start guaging members of the "8 and Under" practice group.
They have divied the session into two groups.

10:30AM= "8 and Unders" that are unable to swim the length of the pool unassisted.

11:00AM= "8 and Unders" that can swim without assistance.


If you have not yet already, please immediately sign up for text reminders from Coach Skinner.

Simply text "@lakesk" as the message to 856-270-6297 and follow the prompts.

Coach Skinner utilizes this feature to update you about important updates such as cancelled practice or meet time info.