PARENT Meet Responsibilities

Firstly, parents need to communicate their meet availability with the coaching staff. They need to know at least 48 hours ahead of time if your children will not be at the meet. With 67 events and 160 swimmers, it takes days to put the meet together and only 1 no-show to ruin it and domino through the whole meet. 
Coach Skinner's email is [email protected] 
Please let him know immediately if you will not be at the meet Saturday morning. 


At a minimum it requires 30 Lake Kandle volunteers to staff a home meet. That would be the bare minimum, but it makes things a lot easier if we share the job responsibilities so we can have bathroom breaks, snack breaks, etc. 

Except for certified officials, you do not need to know anything about swimming in order to participate. If you can read names, write, and press a button, you are already vastly over qualified to work every meet job listed below.

Meet jobs not only give you a better vantage point, but its also a great way to learn the swimmers’ names and get to know the team. 

As you know, I work a job at every meet and everyday of championships. That’s not an act of selflessness, I just have a lot more fun being a part of the action. 

So if you’re new to the team or new to volunteering, please browse the meet jobs below and contact the department organizer if you’d like to work in their department. Don’t be shy, we NEED your participation to swim the meets.
(Parents that strictly have kickboarders are welcome to volunteer, but really the bulk of our volunteers should be parents/ family members of swimmers in the timed events)


Scoring Department: Chris Simons and Laura Shultz ([email protected])

Chris and Laura will do all of the “hard work” by scoring the event and entering times from the cards into the teams swim program.

They will only need help with Place Judge and Order of Finish. 


Head Scorer: Chris Simons


Transfers the other team's meet sheet onto our meet sheet. Keeps score during the meet using the following scoring system:




Individual Events:


1st: 5 points


2nd: 3 points


3rd: 1 point




In the event of a team sweep, the 3rd place points will be awarded to the opposing team's best finish. If all other swimmers are disqualified, no point is awarded. The maximum amount of points scored is 8 per event.






1st: 7 points


2nd: 0 points



Place Judge: NEED 1


Observes and records the order the swimmers finish by lane assignment (first heat only). Gives each race's results to the runner.




Scoring Table Order of Finish (home meets only): NEED 1


Puts the swimmers' cards in order based upon the two teams' order of finish judges. If the judges do not have matching results, the disputed order of finish will be decided by the times posted on the swimmers' cards. Once order of finish has been established and cards are in order, the cards are given to both teams' scorer.




Ribbon Department: Michele Paleos ([email protected] )

Ribbon Writer:


Writes ribbons for our team's winners 1st place through 3rd place and also meet participant ribbons. We have a different team ribbon for each meet. 




Assistant Ribbon Writer: NEED 1


Helps speed up the ribbon writing process by assisting ribbon writing. They will help transfer cards from scoring table and write ribbons when needed.




Runner (home meets only): NEED 2


Collects both order of finish judge's paper and each swimmer's card after an event and brings the cards to the scoring table's order of finish organizer. This job requires a lot of walking so it is recommended to have this job split into two shifts on hot days or just have multiple runners. 




Timing Department: Patrick Conner ([email protected])




Head Timer (home meets only):


Has two stop watches. The head timer will time for first place swimmer and will also time for any lane that has a timing malfunction. Should any timer have a timing malfunction, they should raise their hand to alert the head timer.




Head Lane Timer (home meets only): NEED 6


Each lane will require a head lane timer. This timer will not only time each event in his/her lane, but they will also record each timer's time in their lane on the swimmer's card. The head lane timer should also circle the middle time from the recorded times. The card is then collected by the runner.




Timer: NEED 6


One per each lane for away meets, and two per lane for home meets (one being the head lane timer).


All timers should press start on their watch upon seeing the flash of the starter. Light travels faster than sound. The timer will press stop only upon observing the swimmer touch the wall.


Pay attention to the distance of the event. 50 meters is up and back whereas 100 meters is up and back 2x. Should you have a timing mishap, raise your hand to alert the head timer so he/she can time for you.


Remember to relay your time to the head lane timer and clear your watch for the next event.




Seek and Deploy Department: Maria Fishbourne ([email protected] )


Card distributor: NEED 1


Keeps the cards organized at the card table so that they may be distributed to the swimmers.




Seek and Deployee: NEED 3 (Good to have one for each practice group)


We should have at least one per lane to make sure that the swimmers are lined up correctly before their event. The seek and deployees should know the swimmers well in case there is a swimmer missing in action. Seek and Deployees are the last line of defense to prevent a distracted swimmer from missing their event.


Meet Officials Department (requires certification)

Head Ref: Wally Evans [email protected] 

Wally is responsible for running the home meets and resolving team disputes.

Starter: Announces and starts each event with the meet starting system. Observes and reports false starts. Looks through meet sheet and tries to combine events to speed up meet.

Stroke and Turn: Standing at both the start and turn end of the pool, they observe swimmers to ensure that their stroke and their turn is legal. When they spot an infraction in their zone, they write up DQ slips and present them to REF or Chief Judge for verification. 

Chief Judge: Checks validity of DQs from Stroke and Turn officials. Helps speed up the meet by splitting referee responsibilities at the other end of the pool.