Letter of apology for Zone 3 champs


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Hello Neptune families & athletes,

Below is a letter from the head coach of the Marin Pirates explaining the events of this past weekend' Zone 3 meet.   We feel the situation is being handled properly on all levels, we will keep you posted of any / all future decisions regarding this unfortunate event and  I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding.   

Please read the letter. 


January 19, 2010



Dear Zone 3 Swimmers, Coaches, Families and Officials,


On two consecutive days the Zone 3 meet was cancelled because the pool was fouled with feces.  This resulted in anger and frustration to all who were forced to reschedule on Sunday and then leave the pool before the meet was properly concluded on Monday. Several hours and days were needlessly lost to the competitors and teams that prepared, traveled and made arrangements to stay for the event.  We can scarcely calculate the collective hours in travel, much less training andpreparation.


After a thorough inquiry, what we learned shocked us and the entire Marin Pirate community.  We have determined that two young men, then part of the Pirates, admitted to fouling the pool on different days.  We would not accuse without facts, but once knowing the facts we would not shrink from the right course of action.  As soon as we learned the facts, the two swimmers were dismissed permanently from the team. No lesser punishment would make sense for these vile acts.     We are also working with Bill Krumm (Western Zone Representative-USA Swimming) to determine whether further punishment may be appropriate. 



The Marin Pirates teach swimming, but more importantly, character. Those lessons went unlearned here by these two young men to the detriment of our colleagues in the sport.  Adherence to those standards is essential to be part of our team.   These team standards compel us to acknowledge the disgraceful and reprehensible act of our former teammates.  We cannot replace the lost days. We do ask that teams, officials, coaches, athletes and parents accept our heartfelt apology and trust we dealt with this as soon as we learned the facts.  


This was first an offence against the swimming community, but it was also an offence against the Pirates.   I swam in the Zone 3 Championships, as did my children.  I have been fortunate to coach in our Zone for 30 years. In that time I have served on the Zone 3 Board of Directors for the past 15 years as Senior Chair, Rules and Bylaws Chair, Representative to Pacific Swimming and General Chair.  I offer this only to let you know how much our sport matters to us, as does the reputation of those who devote their professional and personal lives to it.


Nothing like this has ever happened before in the history of the Marin Pirates.  It is not who we are. On behalf of the Marin Pirates, and our swimmers, coaches, and parents, Tom Evers and I deeply apologize.  We stand ready to address your concerns.  




Warren Lager

Head Coach

Marin Pirates Swim Team



Tom Evers

Head Age-Group Coach

Marin Pirates Swim Team