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ECI Information
Hello Stingrays Families-
If you're participating in ECI this weekend, please read through the below information.
Location:  Los Medanos College, 2100 Leland Road, Pittsburg.  From Hwy 4, take Loveridge Exit and follow the signs to the college.
Check-In:  Swimmers must check in for the first four events EACH DAY 45 minutes before the meet begins. Swimmers who do not check in will NOT be allowed to compete in the event.  Check-in may only be done by the swimmer or the swimmer's parent.  It's recommended you check in as soon as you get there (no later than 8:00 is suggested). 
Warn-Ups:  BSR warm ups will be in lanes 5-8 and lane "C" from 8:30-8:50.
Volunteer Schedule:  Attached is the updated volunteer schedule.  8:45 shift, please be in your assigned lane by 8:40.  Please check in with Temma Roby or Lisa Scott the morning of your shift at the Scott family tent.  If you're paying a teen, please make sure to pay them the morning of your shift.
Stroke and Turn:  Please check in at the head table at 8:30 located near the diving board.  BSR Stroke and Turn Judges are Clouse, Birdseye, Patocchi and Mincy.
Meet Sheet:  There is no meet sheet.  Programs will be available for 5.00 at ECI.
Little One's Kickboard Race:  This will start off Sunday events with a kickboard race for the little ones prior to the first official race at 9.  This is for the young ones on our team who are not quite ready for a full swim. There will be a sign up sheet at the head desk by the announcer throughout Saturday and on Sunday morning. Each participant will receive a ribbon.
Coaches and Parent Relay: Coach and parent relays will occur after the final Sunday event.  The sign up sheet will be in the Scott family tent.  You may sign up until noon on Sunday.
Ribbons:  Ribbons will be distributed in the family folders next week at the pool.
Canopies:  A sign will be posted on the grass where BSR is located.  If you will be there for both days you may leave your canopy overnight but you must lower it before you leave on Saturday. 
For those of you who have not previously participated-these are long days.  Bring books, card games, and lots of snacks and water.  There is a snack bar and food will be available all day as well.
Board members will be wearing red Stingrays shirts.  If you have any questions, please find one of us.
Have fun!