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Important Dates for 2016-2017 Season
Monday, August 15th- Online registration opens for:
  • Returning group swimmers
  • Returning Beginner Group swimmers
  • New swimmers who have already been evaluated and assigned a group
Monday, August 29th- Cy-Springs High School - 5:30 PM-7:30 PM (NO PRACTICE)
  • In water evaluations for:
    • New swimmers
    • Returning swimmers who wish to be re-evaluated
    • Please bring your swimmer prepared to swim
  • Turn in required paperwork and initial payment - All forms can be found under "Documents" in our website
    • Medical Form - One for EACH swimmer registered.
    • ACH Form - One per family if new swimmer or bank information from previous season changed.
    • Check - One check per family.  Initial payment will include team registration fee, USA Swimming registration fee, September group fee.
    • There will be no ACH withdrawals for September, all payments are to be done by check/cash.  ACH withdrawals will begin in October.
  • Beginner Group
    • Pick calendar spots
    • First come, first served basis for all returning and new Beginner Group swimmers.
Tuesday, August 30th- First day of practice for competitive group swimmers.

Tuesday, September 6th- First day of practice for Beginner group swimmers.



Important Fee & Policy Changes for the 2016 - 2017 Swim Season

Rate Changes:
Monthly tuition for all groups except the Beginner group has been raised $5.00, the Beginner group semi-private monthly fee was raised by $10.00.  Private lessons will not be offered for the Beginner group at this time.  USA Swimming yearly fee has also been raised.  See below for specific group information:
  • Beginner Group Semi-Private - $115.00 per month
  • Beginner Group Private - Not offered at this time
  • Intermediate Group - $95.00 per month
  • Advanced Group - $110.00 per month
  • White Group - $125.00 per month
  • Green Group - $135.00 per month
  • Blue Group - $145.00 per month
  • Junior Group - $160.00 per month
  • Senior Group - $160.00 per month
  • USA Swimming Fee - $76.00 yearly

Registration Fee Information:

  • Yearly registration fee does not change - $80.00 first swimmer, $70.00 second swimmer, $60.00 subsequent swimmers.
  • Registration fee includes a Team YES! swim cap.
  • Team YES! t-shirts will no longer be provided with registration fee but can be purchased separately.

Swimsuit Policy: 
The Team YES! Board has adopted a swimsuit policy that is as follows:
  • Swimmers are required to wear a current, branded Team YES! swimsuit and a current (white, round logo) Team YES! swim cap in order to participate in swim meets.
  • Technical suits may be worn in place of the approved Team YES! swimsuit at Champs Meets only, as designated by the team coach(es).
  • All swimmers are expected to comply with the Team YES! Swimsuit Policy at all meets.  The team coach(es) will monitor and enforce the swimsuit policy from the deck on the day of the event.
  • Swimmers are expected to be in the approved swimsuits and caps when they swim their meet events.
  • Penalties for noncompliance with this policy are:
    • First Offense:  A verbal warning from the team coach(es) and $50.00 fine, paid by ACH with the next month’s billing for tuition and meet fees.
    • Second and Subsequent Offense(s):  A swimmer found to not be adhering to the team swimsuit policy will not be permitted to participate in any further events for the duration of the meet.  The family will still be responsible for the meet fees for the events the swimmer is not permitted to swim, paid as usual by ACH with the next month’s billing for tuition and meet fees.
Additional information on swimsuit policy:
  • There is a 1-year grace period for swimmers with previous branded Team YES! swimsuits. Beginning with the 2017-2018 season, swimmers will need to have the CURRENT Team YES! swimsuit in order to swim at meets.
  • Team YES! swimsuits will be available for purchase at a reduced rate through D&J Sports.  A variety of suit styles have been selected for your swimmer to choose from; female suits are $43.00 and male are $30.00.
  • There is no grace period for swim caps.  Only current Team YES! swim caps (white, round logo) are to be worn at meets.
  • Each swimmer will receive one (1) current Team YES! swim cap upon registration.  Additional caps can be purchased from the team store, by arrangement (email and/or from team coach(es) during a swim meet.  Swim caps are $12 each.
This policy must be agreed to by all Team YES! families during the registration process for all swimmers.

Important Policies Reminder:
In addition to the new Swimsuit Policy, Team YES!  has other policies designed to provide a safe instructional environment.  All policy documents can be found in the "Documents" section of our website.  Some important policy reminders:
  • A swimmer must be able to understand and follow verbal instructions in English.
  • I understand that I can withdraw my swimmer any time during the year by filling out the Team YES! Withdrawal Request and/or Reactivation Form by the 1st day of the previous month and submitting it to the Team Registrar.
  • I have read and agree with the Team YES! Parent/Coach Relationship; the Team YES! Swimmer Code of Conduct and the Team YES! Swimsuit Policy.
  • I agree that I am to pick up my swimmer from swim practice as soon as practice is finished.
  • I agree that if my swimmer is 8 years old or younger that I or an adult designated by me will remain at the facility during my swimmer's practice time.
  • I understand that there are no make-up lessons for Beginner group swimmers or make-up practices for Competitive group swimmers when practice has to be canceled due to circumstances that are beyond the control of the team.
  • I understand that when practice is held at Cy-Springs High School I will sit in the upstairs bleacher area or outside the natatorium during my swimmer's practice.  Exceptions are made on a case by case basis due to medical conditions or for the elderly unable to climb stairs.