New Direction. New Possibilities.

As of this writing, it has been a little over a week since I became the Director of Competitive Aquatics for the Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center (BSAC) and the Head Coach for the Blue Wave Swim Team. It has been a pleasure getting to know the swimmers and families during that time frame. It was also great to see the new Blue Wave swimmers from Pinellas County get along so well with their counterparts from Brandon at the meet this weekend. I know great things ahead for all of our families, on both sides of the Bay.

As the title of this post suggests, we are heading in a new direction here at Blue Wave. As such, there will be many new possibilities for our swimmers, their families and the facilities we use to train. Some of these changes will be obvious. Others, will be more subtle and take place behind the scenes. Either way, these changes will all be designed with one thing in mind...making Blue Wave synonymous with excellence in and out of the pool.

Toward that end, we are observing the current state of the club and looking at ways to make the changes needed to meet our shared goals. That said, we have already made some dramatic changes in terms of training times. Most of our age group level training groups and up have seen a 50% increase in their training opportunities. We have also incorporated program-wide dryland routines so we are more unified from the top down. In addition, the staff has introduced new training terminologies and have raised the bar, so to speak, during workouts...and this has just been week one. Look for more enhancements as we continue to assess the state of the club.

While an emphasis will always be on developing highly successful student athletes, we will also strive to have a place for those you want to be involved in the sport for personal health and social activities. We will have a “big tent” philosophy and welcome people to the sport of all ages, abilities and goals.

Our website is being overhauled to reflect our changes.  We appreciate your patience as we roll out the new look and fill in the new information. If you see something on the site that has not been fully announced or explained, don’t worry, that information will be delivered to everyone soon. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us for clarification.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. We will not make all of the changes needed to properly head in our new direction overnight. While we install new programs, attitudes and opportunities, we can start to see the possibilities for our club. It has been great to be on deck with all the groups, watch the coaches interact with the swimmers and speak with the parents. I can feel everyone's desire for change, stability and in water success. The swimmers have stepped up to every challenge I have thrown at them, the coaches are soaking in all of the new info and the parents are volunteering to help in any way possible. I can tell that, as a club, we are beginning to believe in our great, shared future.

New Direction. New Possibilities. I am looking forward to the ride. I hope you are as well.

See you at the pool - Rich