Construction On The New Pool

Hi All,

This will be quick...promise.

It is an exciting time here at Blue Wave. I want to thank all of you for the support you have shown the staff during all of the changes. I can feel a different energy level on deck. Great things are indeed ahead,

Speaking of great things, construction restarted on the new pool today! Adding a ten lane competitive venue, one that is heated and chilled, will allow us to better impact lives of our members, our community and the sport in general.. The pool is scheduled to open February / March; just in time for next season and in time to handle the increased summer demands on the existing facilities.

I want to thank Chuck Burgess and the BSAC Board for their never-ending fight to make their vision of adding this facility a reality. Know that we will do everything in our power to properly utilize all of our assests we have at our disposal to ensure that Blue Wave offers our community the best in aquatic education and training available anywhere.

Keep on diggin' !

See you at the pool(s) - Rich