A Big Thank You & Monday Morning Practice Change

Out With The Old...

I can not fully express my gratitude for all of the help we had at the pool today from our swim parents. Steven Defelix led a group today who removed all of the old furniture, fixtures and other odds and ends from the old aquatics office this morning. This was more involved than might first meet the eye. Beside the heavy lifting, there was securing a place for that which was salvageable, getting it transported off deck as well as figuring out how to repurpose what we could.  When we left a tad after noon, you could not recognize the space.

Each day I ask the swimmers to strive to be a bit better than the day before. So far, they are exceeding my expectations. The same can also be said for our parents. Thank you all very much.

There are so many good things happening on and off deck. The construction of the new pool is looking good, the upstairs aquatics office is beginning to look like a true, professional space and, most importantly, we are beginning to come together as a team.

For me, I would like to think the difficulties of the past will stay right the past. It is time for us to concentrate on our future. If today is any indication of what we can do when we work together, nothing is impossible.

Monday Morning Practice Change

We will hold morning practice for Age Group 2 through the National training groups from 8:00 to 10:00am. All afternoon practices will be held as scheduled.

See you at the pool - Rich