Friday & Saturday Practice Changes & Pumpkin Meet Info

Hi All,

Well tomorrow starts the much anticipated Pumpkin Meet at GTSA. The meet host sent out a bunch of information that I advise you review (below, following my announcements). I would also like to take this opportunity to post practice changes for the weekend as well.

No Friday Morning Practice For All Groups . - Many of our HS swimmers will be participating in the County meet held tonight at Bobby Hicks. That, combined with the fact that many of our swimmers will be at the meet tomorrow night, means we will not offer Friday morning practices tomorrow.

Friday Afternoon Practice Changes - We will offer Crossfit, Senior & National practice from 4 - 6pm. Makos will be from 4 - 4:45pm. Age Group 2 - 3 will be offered from 5 - 7pm.

There Will Be No Practice Offered This Saturday - HS swimmers not in the meet can do a set of 5 - 30 - 5 Abs, 3 x 50 on, 10 off Plyometrics and/or work out with their HS team.

Friday Afternoon Pumpkin Meet Swimmers - Warm ups will start at 4pm. Our Team has been assigned lanes 4 & 5 on the Locker room side for Friday evening Please be behind our blocks, “ready to swim” at 3:55. If you have school / transportation issues on a Friday afternoon, we understand. Do the best you can.

Saturday & Sunday AM Sessions - Warm ups will begin at 7:15am. We have been assigned lanes 4 & 5 on the Locker Room side of the pool. Please be behind the blocks, “ready to swim” at 7:10am.

Saturday & Sunday PM Sessions - The meet host is asking that we not arrive prior to 11:15am on Saturday. I suggest we get there right at that time to secure parking. We will be warming up in lanes 7 & 8, as well as in the well, on the Baby Pool side. Sunday, plan to arrive by 10:40 as the AM portion of the meet will end earlier on that day. We will use the same lane lines and will get in right at the conclusion of the morning session.

Tents - Look for the Blue Wave section on the east side.  We will do our best to secure a good area for the weekend tomorrow afternoon. Space will be limited and tight.

What To Bring - Please bring sunscreen, extra towels, suits & goggles (just in case). Healthy snacks and drinks are essential. If you have Blue Wave attire, please wear your T Shirts in alphabetical order. As always, bring a smile and a great attitude.

Expectations - This is where I would normally talk about our expectations for the meet. This email, however, is getting a tad lengthy since there is so much information, so I will keep it brief.

This is the first meet that we will be bring a substantial amount of swimmers from both sides of the bay. We are looking for some real team cohesion. Hopefully, everyone will leave the meet with a new friend or two. Of course, we are looking for better technique, good finishes and improved warm ups and warm downs. But honestly, let’s go out there, have fun and show the local swim community what we are about and where we are heading. It should be a great time.

Important Info From The Meet Host:

Coaches & Parents,

This weekend looks to offer us some nice weather for another great swim meet!  We will have our famous pumpkins for every INDIVIDUAL EVENT heat winner!  No pumpkins for relays… On Friday the mixed heats will be one pumpkin per heat.  If we combine heats as we have on Saturday and Sunday…we will give a pumpkin to a girl and boy of those heats…  If a swimmer is DQ’d and we are told in advance that swimmer will not win the pumpkin!  As always we will do our best to be fair to all swimmers.


Our meet is very full for the afternoon sessions.  As we always do we will be combining events to save some time and get people out of the meet ahead of the time line.  Understand our goal is to have everyone’s swimmers swim FAST and allow our meet to run FAST as well.  Please help make sure your swimmers know when there is a combined heat (listed on website, program and below in this email).  This means boys in the last heat will swim with the last heat of girls.


On Saturday I need all PM session swimmers to not arrive before 11:15a.  This will help with the parking and traffic in the area.  We will not start the PM session until 12:30pm. All sessions should start at the time listed on the timeline…we will not start before the projected start time..plan to start on time!

RESULTS will be on TOUCHPAD LIVE - click here

Find all Meet Information and results  – click here

Parking - (Saturday will be less parking due to Pee-Wee Football)

Saturday there will be NO Parking at the High School. On Friday and Sunday please park in the parking lot across the street from Bobby Hicks Pool. Please use crosswalk in front of Bobby Hicks Pool to cross the street. Swimmer drop off is in front of Bobby Hicks, there will be limited handicap parking in the main parking lot of Bobby Hicks. You may park in the grass area at the corner of Manhattan and Mango. Coaches we would like the officials and coaches to park on the East side of the pool.


Timers - If you have any parents that would like to sit in the shade and time please have them email me ( ) or Lauren Smith ( )

The Swim Meet Will Be Broadcasted by Florida Swim Network

So, the 3 places a person can watch the meet live are:


1) GTSA's website:


2) Florida Swim Network's website:


3) Your Swim Channel's website or Apple TV channel - $3.99 monthly subscription - and this is where replays will also be stored.


Tents and Team Areas – No teams will be sitting on the West side of the pool due to Florida Swim Network, etc.  All teams need to be on the East side of the diving boards.  Teams may sit out in the grass area or in the stands as well.  In the stands we ask all tents to be at the top level.

Vendors – We will have Total Team Wares (suits and supplies), Snow Cones and Photography, Fine Design T-shirts and a snack bar.

2016 Speedo Swim Classic Meet: Combined Heats


Saturday AM:


Event #7 & 8: 10&U 100 Free Relay (Heat 3 of Boys will swim with Heat 3 of girls)

Event #5 & 6: 8&U 100 Free Relay (Heat 1 of the boys will swim with Heat 2 of the girls)

Event #9 & 10: 10&U 50 free (Heat8 of the boys will swim with Heat 11 of the girls)


Event #17 & 18: 10&U 50 Fly (Heat 5 of the boys will swim with Heat 7 of the girls)


Saturday PM:


Event #29 & 30: Open 200 Free Relay (Heat 1 of the boys will swim with Heat 2 of the girls)


Event #31 & 32: 11-12 100 Free (Heat 6 of the boys will swim with Heat 12 of the girls)


Event #35 & 36: 11-12 50 breast (Heat 5 of the boys will swim with Heat 9 of the girls)


Event#45 & 46: Open 200 Back (Heat 5 of the boys will swim with Heat 5 of the girls)


Sunday AM: (No Combining for the AM Session on Sunday)


Sunday PM:


Event #71 & 72: 11-12 100 Breast (Heat 4 of the boys will swim with heat 8 of the girls)


Event #73 & 74: Open 200 Breast (Heat 4 of the boys will swim with heat 3 of the girls)


Event #77 & 78: Open 100 Back (Heat 6 of the boys will swim with heat 6 of the girls)


Event #79 & 80: 11-12 50 Fly (Heat 5 of the boys will swim with heat 7 of the girls)


Event #81 & 82: Open 200 Fly (Heat 2 of the boys will swim with heat 2 of the girls)


Event #83 & 84: 11-12 200 Free (Heat 5 of the boys will swim with heat 8 of the girls)