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PLS SR meet was a victory for LAC

 This past weekend at the PLS Senior meet we had our largest showing of swimmers at a Senior meet with 31 swimmers. We had over 80% best times, which says a lot about the focus and dedication of the swimmers considering it is early in the season and the weather wasn't ideal. We talked before the meet about WINNING THE MEET, and what that means. 

We determined that to WIN THE MEET meant we would prepare to do our very best for each race, meaning we were on time, we did the stretch and warm up properly, we prepared with food and extra clothes, and our attitudes and effort was of the highest level. It was very fulfilling to see our LAC swimmers winning the meet by giving their best in each race. 

Congratulations to all swimmers who got best times at the meet and gave their very best. Also, congratulations to those swimmers who got best times at other age group meets over the weekend! 

Thank you parents for your dedication this weekend amidst the pouring rain and wind!