2012 LAC Partners & Links
Awesome CSA Meet with QSS


What a great meet we had this past Saturday at LVTC. It is always fun to race against big teams and on Saturday we took on Quicksilver Aquatics from San Jose/ Santa Cruz, a team that currently has over 500 swimmers. It was great to see that we could hold our own against this team and to see the many best times and well executed races we had! 

Thank you parent volunteers for the awesome job you did helping us to stay organized and to fulfill all of the roles in putting on a meet. Michelle Kleman did a great job working with Cassidy to get the volunteer roles clarified and filled. 

Thank you also parents for getting your swimmers to the meet. Going to meets creates a snowball effect where swimmers learn, become more focused in practice, improve more in meets, and continue to excell. Not to mention, meets are a great time for the kids to spend time together in a less structured atmosphere. 

Mentor brothers and sisters from the Pre Senior and Senior group, you were awesome! We’ve gotten such good feedback from the kids on how you encouraged them and helped them to be their best and to learn practical tips to improve their swimming.

Finally, thank you Cassidy for the tremendous job you did in getting everything ready and for your patience and resourcefulness dealing with equipment issues. You are a truly valued member of our team!