RAC NEWS Volume 12 - Season 2016-2017



Current & Upcoming Events, Schedule Changes

What’s New

Fitter and Faster Tour Updates/Registration/Clinician

WHAT Age Group Qualifier Information

Important Olympic Way Dates

Olympic Way Mini Meet!

Apply for All-America Swim

Team Sponsor Saving Center

Meet Results

Dr. Bill Ross Memorial Masters Swim Meet

Motivational Quote

“Great teammates will pick you up off of the floor, they will also pick you up after a mistake.”

~Jerry Lynch

Thinking Out Loud: Sport Nutrition Factsheets



Pics of the Week

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Our RAC Masters bringing home the hardware!

Click here for more Pics

Current & Upcoming Events

This Week

Wednesday, November 16th ~ CIAC Class LL Finals ~ Good Luck GSWIM!!

Thursday, November 17th ~ Olympic Way Mini Meet

Saturday, November 19th and 20th ~ WHAT November AGQ (click for more info)

Saturday, November 19th ~ CIAC Class LL Qualifying & CIAC OPEN ~ Good Luck GSWIM!!

Schedule Changes

  • Due to the Olympic Way Mini Meet on Thursday, November 17th, NATIONAL GROUP will follow a modified schedule: 3:00pm-4:45pm.  Also, we will love to have the National swimmers volunteering after their workout!!
  • Starting on Monday,  November 26th , Elite Dryland on Mondays will be at 7:45pm-8:45pm.
  • Thanksgiving schedule:
    • Thursday, Nov 24th (Thanksgiving Day)
      • NAT/SE 6:00-8:15am, everyone else no practice
    • Friday, Nov 25th
      • ​​NAT/ELITE ~ Dryland 6:30-7:30am, Practice 7:30-9:30am
      • Age Group Elite ~ Dryland 8:45am-9:30am, Practice 9:30-11:00am
      • Age Group/ SEN ~ Practice 9:30-11:00am
      • DEV BLUE/BLACK ~ Practice 11:00-12:00pm


 Coach's notes: To all swimmers, please be on pool deck 10Mins before all workouts. Swimmers should be in the water at the time all practices are scheduled to start. As a reminder, we are now following our Winter schedule, please

check your practice schedule for any changes.

Practice Schedule

Meet Results

Dr. Bill Ross Memorial Masters Meet

Congratulations to Coach Emmanuel, Coach Thammara, Ivan Dusenko and Linney O’Malley on a great meet!  Here is a recap of the action

Coach Thammara ~ 1st Place 50 fr! 1st Place 100 FR!

Ivan Dusenko ~ 2nd Place 50 Fly, 1st Place 100 IM! 1st Place 400 FR! 1st Place 100 FR!

Coach Emmanuel ~ 2nd Place 50 FR, 1st Place 50 BR!

Linney O’Malley ~ 2nd place 50 Fly, 1st Place 100 IM! 2nd Place 50 FR, 1st Place 50 BR!

Great Job, we are looking forward to our next meet coming soon!


Meet Registration Deadlines

Winter JR Nationals ~Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Snowball Classic ~ December 2nd


 What's New

Fitter and Faster Updates/Registration/Clinician

As previously stated, the Fitter and Faster Tour will be making a stop at RAC on FEBRUARY 26TH 2017.  We just heard back from Fitter and Faster and our clinician will be….drum roll please…..2016 OLYMPIC SILVER MEDALIST CONNOR JAEGER!

You should have received an email containing an early registration code yesterday as well as the link to start the registration process.  If you want to attend, register early as this clinic is sure to fill up quickly!

WHAT November Age Group Qualifier Information

Please see the below message from the Meet Host regarding parking this weekend.

Miss Porter’s has a lot of construction happening on campus this year.  

Please do not park in any reserved spaces that say APT (Apartment) ,HD (House Director) or Porter vehicles. Please do not move cones or park in coned off areas.

Parents can use:

·       Tennis Lot

·       Admission Lot

·       Canal House Lot

·       Dr. Office Lot

·       Mill Lane- only one side of the street (going down the hill) 

·       Garden Street- entire street from RT 4 down to Meadow - only on one side of the street opposite the pool. Do not park in coned off areas or move cones.

Please take a look at the parking map for a more detailed view of where to park.

Doors for the AM session will open at 6:40am, no earlier.

Teams will have assigned seating areas, no need to arrive at the crack of dawn to have a spot on deck.

Swimmers will need to provide timers for the 500 and 400IM as well as counters for the 500.

Important Olympic Way Dates

As we approach the end of Olympic Way session 1, there are a few questions we have received regarding session 2, and we would like to clarify any confusion.

Please see below for important dates coming up :

·   November 17th : Olympic Way Mini-Meet/pizza party!! Please let Coach Danielle ( [email protected] ) know if you cannot attend. Otherwise, we expect everyone to attend.

·   November 18th : Registration for Olympic Way Session 2 opens

·   November 21st : Registration for Olympic Way Session 2 closes (you must register your swimmer for Session 2 no later than November 21st if you plan on returning)

·   November 29th-February 9th: Olympic Way Session 2

Questions regarding tryouts and group placements :

1.     Q: Do I have to bring my swimmer in to try out again if they participated in Olympic Way Session 1?

A: No, you do not need to bring them in to try out. You just need to register them for Session 2 between the dates of November 18th-21st

1.     Q: What group will my swimmer be placed in for Session 2?

A: Since we have such a large group of kids, you will not know the placement until you register your swimmer for their current squad. If your swimmer is currently in Olympic Way Blue, you will register them for Olympic Way Blue. Once we figure out the numbers, we will then place them accordingly. You will know your group placements before the start of Session 2.

1.     Q: What if I want to skip session 2, and come back for session 3? Do I need to try out again?

A: Yes, if you do not plan on attending session 2, but want to come back for session 3 you will need to try out again the date of try outs for session 3, which will be posted on our website.

Olympic Way Mini Meet

On Thursday November 17th, our Olympic Way squads will compete in their first Mini Meet to conclude session one!  Thank you to the following parents and swimmers who volunteered to help, Liz Archibald, Sarah Baudentistal, Jen Coakley, Anissa DeMatteo, Trey O’Malley, Georgia Milton, Presley Milton, Molly Coakley, Emma Coakley and Lily Archibald.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to come watch and cheer on our Olympic Way swimmers as they compete.   More info can be found here.

Apply for All-America Swim

Swimmers can become All Americans by reaching a qualifying time in each event. The qualifying times can be found on the NISCA Website here:  AA Swim Yards Standards . Swimmers that achieve the "All America" time standard will be accepted onto the list once their application has been received. Swimmers reaching the "Consideration" time standard will be listed once their application is received, however only the top 100 swimmers listed in the event as of June 15th will be certified as "All America Swimmers". 

Regardless of the time achieved, All America or Consideration, ALL SWIMMERS who achieve an All America time standard who wish to be recognized as All America Swimmers MUST submit an application to NISCA in order to be recognized. Applications can be submitted on-line at .  Those who have submitted applications can check the status of their application at

Current NISCA member coaches can submit their All America Swimming Applications for no charge. Non-member coaches pay a $30 per application fee. For athletes who competed in the fall season, the deadline for entry is December 31st. After that date, a $30 late fee per application will be charged. You can get a NISCA membership for $50 here:


If you have any questions about the All America Swimming or Diving Program, please contact one of the following people:


AA Diving Chair: Don Mason

Girls AA Swimming Chair: Mark Jedow

Boys AA Swimming Chair: Rich Hood


Don't wait to send in your application for the AA Swimming and Diving awards rogram!  

Thinking Outloud: Sport Nutrition Factsheets

By USOC Nutrition Department

     The professional nutrition specialists at the U.S. Olympic Committee have put together a variety of informational materials for athletes, coaches and parents. In this section you can find access to these materials to learn more about sport-specific diet, travel nutrition and eating guidelines. MORE INFO HERE


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